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Spell check of game

Correct spelling: game

whimsicality, caber, risque, arcade game, pole, pitfall, euchre, dupe, gamy, ready, amusement, acquiescent, snooker, action, humor, patch, draughts, trick of the trade, divertissement, backgammon, recreation, discus, cross-country, pastime, halt, unfit, patience, hazard, championship, plump for, monkey, activity, racy, distraction, straight poker, April fool, adventure, beast, Trojan horse, sport, merriment, deception, audacious, critical, farinaceous, machination, tactics, chicken, adventuresome, gimpy, laughingstock, jocularity, lame, doughty, interested, mettlesome, crippled, hilarity, fair game, hurt, mind game, grainy, faro, marbles, fear, granulose, baccarat, levity, shuffleboard, agreeable, seven-up, corner, bouncy, blind man's bluff, ruse, inclined, biped, Cup, delighted, adult, thing, move, contract bridge, plot of ground, follow-the-leader, sports, bet on, dive, victim, injured, juicy, operation, minded, post, enlivened, intrepid, chess, animal, hopscotch, act, zero-sum game, plot, quoits, pinochle, the broad jump, hide-and-seek, cross, arthropod, gage, clash, brave, event, diversion, parlor game, in hand, Chinese checkers, cat's cradle, ploy, billiards, gutsy, glad, feeble, deed, cribbage, biz, granular, maneuver, return, the Commonwealth Games, solitaire, subterfuge, plunk for, jeopardize, gritty, zippy, gallant, refreshment, fool, buffoon, artifice, fearless, double dutch, wrinkle, blast, device, trickery, back, hearts, disabled, mealy, contrivance, play, rummy, athlete, gin rummy, secret plan, feint, back up, extreme sport, blackjack, poker, yielding, comfortable, high, bold, keno, indorse, demonstration, obliging, penny ante, stouthearted, trap, trick, dribble, work, gin, willing, fortitudinous, course, black and blue, whist, tonic, dodge ball, hardy, weak, stud poker, friendly, celebration, beast of burden, bye, contact sport, dominoes, plucky, stratagem, skat, challenge, pleasure, hobby, tiddlywinks, feisty, ball, backhand, computer game, mah-jongg, crown, impale, athletic, undaunted, blind man's buff, courageous, blue, checkers, close season, decathlon, distance, battered, amenable, delivery, stake, second, out of action, canasta, bouncing, old maid, disposed, catch, bear, fun, athletics, venture, dodge, punt, spunky, amphibian, entertainment, board game, gamey, bridge, parcheesi, cut up, spicy, bad, valiant, chip, unafraid, stout, peppy, heroic, wounded, naughty, contest, spirited, horseshoes, rum, big game, patsy, valorous, jolliness, relaxation, gutty, arachnid, support, coarse-grained, card, draw poker, endorse, dauntless, stimulation, frivolity, halting, away, dress-up, fain.

disinclined, unwilling, unamenable, loath, cowardly, fit, fearful, averse, reticent, reluctant.

Examples of usage:

1) The game is up! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I don't even know the game, let alone trying to play it. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) I wouldn't for anything miss that game to- morrow! - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.