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Spell check of hypothesis

Correct spelling: hypothesis

postulation, opening, guess, motif, assumption, theorem, subject, concept, topic, reason, demonstration, presupposition, position, lemma, guessing, matter, term, possible action, consideration, article, inference, law, deduction, surmise, opinion, venture, surmisal, guesswork, data, essay, conception, question, text, ideal, problem, issue, suggestion, condition, speculation, thesis, interpolation, theory, thoughts, critique, postulate, interpretation, faith, proposition, query, derivation, thought, fantasy, possibleness, supposition, system, clotheshorse, assertion, basis, philosopheme, explanation, dead reckoning, analysis, contention, premise, philosophy, prophecy, conjecture, examination, commitment, point, apriority, criticism, research, theme, paradigm, statement, argument, starting point, assignment, commentary, proposal, shot, prediction, ground, discussion, meditation, principle, belief, inkling, axiom, idea, presumption, attribution, imagination, scheme, supposal, possibility, rationale, antecedent, foundation, exposition, dissertation.

demonstration, fact, discovery, certainty, proof, knowledge, assurance, evidence.

Examples of usage:

1) The idea was elemental, built upon the simplest sort of observation and hypothesis. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..

2) Working on this hypothesis Dirrul made a guess that the thing Hurd had lost was his illusion about the Vininese system. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..

3) Her mother noticed that there was no hypothesis- no " wouldn't be"- about it. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.