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Spell check of cat

Correct spelling: cat

reproduce, purify, stoat, toot, fathead, swan, throw, ermine, cronk, echidna, beep, drop, wallaby, hurtle, eruct, alley cat, virago, gazelle, truck, roll, range, throw up, wolf, hamster, elk, gnu, gentleman, shed, platypus, mountain lion, galoot, witch, sick, dog, wombat, spill, rhinoceros, ditch, computed tomography, possum, otter, joe, pat, disgorge, draw, rove, chap, rabbit, kitten, vomit up, cuckoo, Siamese, joker, mongoose, redact, vomit, feline, computerized tomography, kitty, true cat, deer, chinchilla, opossum, beaver, Persian, regurgitate, sable, dromedary, claxon, toss, mule, painter, wildcat, Cheshire, guy rope, raccoon, vagabond, cow, moose, donkey, retch, hog, hyena, hippopotamus, sloth, coyote, khat, swine, mole, scour, porcupine, ocelot, gent, antelope, ferret, tabby, mouse, stag, polecat, kit, pig, black bear, sheep, throw away, cast, dame, dude, elephant, purge, couch, caterpillar, marmot, hurl, house cat, spew, gopher, jaguar, computed axial tomography, lion, lynx, stray, goat, jackal, cheetah, regorge, arm candy, bozo, cougar, blare, mink, weasel, llama, bison, caribou, puma, guy cable, cavy, panther, mould, spue, sanctify, project, ptyalise, contrive, koala, Abyssinian, chipmunk, harridan, goofball, skunk, frump, chick, tell, gag, ibex, zebra, jack, wander, ptyalize, tractor, flush, goose, bighorn sheep, yak, reindeer, arctic fox, kat, upchuck, hare, hedgehog, zany, moggy, roam, panda, fella, leopard, Manx, ox, hombre, burro, spew out, buck, guy, quat, tank, male, camelopard, buffalo, drift, throw off, heave, badger, cast off, puss, bloke, rat, computerized axial tomography, be sick, mold, Burmese, Angora, tomcat, horse, giraffe, bulldozer, fox, reveal, shake off, squirrel, put, bear, goof, alpaca, shrew, tiger, princess, fellow, kangaroo, frame, big cat, camel, lad, anteater, chappie, bobcat, hush-hush, CT, puke, cat o' nine tails, battleax, lemming, chuck, ramble, bat, bird, dingo, qat, honk.

keep down.

Examples of usage:

1) I'd like to be a man, and go to war, and 'Have a part to tear a cat in, ' too. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Didn't you say you 'Would like a part to tear a cat in'? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You don't hate me as you do the cat. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.