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Spell check of fox

Correct spelling: fox

shake off, liar, pull someone's leg, cougar, puma, burro, panther, panda, raccoon, cheetah, bighorn sheep, conman, dun, flurry, weasel, dog, coyote, stunner, George Fox, wolf, flip, cookie, bison, gazelle, project, elephant, fraud, cavy, bearskin, caribou, bat, blur, glamour-puss, hamster, confuse, marmot, cow, mule, gnu, trickster, felt, dreamboat, camel, badger, angora, throw off, rabbit, kangaroo, shed, throw, camelopard, reindeer, distract, hold, crucify, torment, looker, ox, cat, dingo, gopher, lynx, knockout, ermine, rat, hottie, dodger, wheeler-dealer, horse, sloth, polecat, moose, bewilder, dolly bird, yak, echidna, rascal, wallaby, dromedary, elk, opossum, skunk, tiger, leopard, ibex, slyboots, goddess, hyena, cast off, bobcat, possum, play a joke on, fuddle, mongoose, throw away, obscure, otter, obnubilate, lemming, bedevil, antelope, switch, hog, cashmere, eyeful, temptress, alpaca, mink, rhinoceros, buffalo, donkey, honey, mouse, divert, deer, cheat, give, shrew, have, pig, hippopotamus, porcupine, ten, pull a fast one on, platypus, charles james fox, bear, lion, drink, fob, camelhair, hurl, enchantress, sheep, chipmunk, put off, hoax, cast, stag, cutie, crook, femme fatale, mole, anteater, wombat, giraffe, make, fixer, corn dab, stoat, befuddle, goat, squirrel, koala, rag, bemuse, hypocrite, thrust, trick, disorient, hare, frustrate, drop, ferret, discombobulate, mix up, booze, hedgehog, jackal, black bear, doll, sex kitten, jaguar, politician, bamboozle, llama, brown-nose, ocelot, queen, jumble, chinchilla, dumb blond, arctic fox, sable, showstopper, swine, babe, beaver, coonskin, contrive, corn dodger, play a trick on, confound, preoccupy, zebra, disconcert, beauty queen, dish.

dog, hag, crone, gorgon, witch, frump, horror, monster, bag.

Examples of usage:

1) Every seaman, from cabin boy to captain, suddenly got rich in the gamble of trade for prized blue- fox skins and narwhal tusks. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) In the labor of the long winter which I began to map out I knew I should find ceaseless zest, for the pursuit of every narwhal, every walrus, every fox I should regard with abated suspense, each one bearing upon my chances; in the employment of every pair of hands I should hang with an eager interest, the expediency and excellence of the work making for success or failure. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) A few bear tracks were seen, and a white fox followed us to camp. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.