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Spell check of strike

Correct spelling: strike

knockout, see, append, kick, descent, go-slow, flush, fill, surpass, fling, raid, slash, expose, prompt, read, induce, invade, take over, divulge, postulate, notice, get hold of, dawn, bash, dissemble, inscribe, descend, pound, rack, strike at, smasher, distinguish, smooth, offense, scourge, compress, downside, accept, slam, coal miner, trouble, camper van, spigot, confrontation, conduct, scratch up, impress, fury, thump, settle, thrash, fly at, go at, accomplish, glow, print, gain, tick, action, ache, flame, cancel, knell, war, ballpark, annihilate, dispatch, pack, bathe, make, mill, at bat, ignite, boot, use up, withdraw, gold rush, go, boules, air strike, smoothen, jounce, slowdown, pip, cut down, smash, get a line, furor, butt against, flood, precipitate, hammer, demand, aggress, bombardment, catapult, dish, aggregate, catch fire, batboy, dab, sham, find out, gleam, pass, impel, swat, waver, pick up, hook on, sorb, imbibe, bastinado, scratch, glisten, touch, battle, poke, fall, slog, collide, fasten on, the Blitz, happen upon, ask, air raid, clout, castigate, bop, disclose, blitzkrieg, learn, play, luck into, call off, tie-up, bloodshed, run across, expurgate, bowls, jolt, charter, detect, wear, scorch, attempt, bump into, sign off on, fade, vanquish, tick away, scoop up, coal mine, key, expunge, sling, revive, scathe, rap music, run into, tirade, onslaught, lash, happen, stifle, wham, wipe, bend, conflict diamonds, simulate, violence, pertain, take aim, shine, off, remove, think, walkout, collective bargaining, draw, require, hurtle, seize, refer, take away, coal mining, collision, go for, whip, scrape, beauty, study, censor, direct, ingrain, act, launch, come down, efface, proceed, train, light, get, run, bombard, enter upon, smite, necessitate, whang, pin, start, bludgeon, flay, actuate, charge, momentum, attack, take, encounter, beat, rent, bring, imprint, balk, admit, assault, reflect, fringe, onset, occur, decrease, heave, disclosure, wallop, sail into, hit, polish off, bivouac, enter into, overhead, ram, mantrap, fight, break, exposure, arrive at, water faucet, violate, aggression, general strike, displace, latch on, lessen, acquire, bear on, cut, supervene, ambush, absorb, savage, torment, bear, clip, scoop out, combat, vacate, pick out, feign, fall on, drive, shock, peach, bowdlerize, guide, concede, achieve, find, beat out, discovery, storm, call for, undo, let out, magnetize, concern, back, baseline, pitch into, jar, relate, throw, turn up, suffer, camp, come up, come upon, thwack, eruption, beset, get together, rush, hurt, move, negative, afflict, colliery, retort, engage, glitter, go up, pretend, condense, impact, polish, take for granted, arrange, return, doubt, scrape up, give away, cudgel, incite, have, stimulate, lead, snap, bowl, come to, come across, adopt, hold, hip-hop, revolution, hasten, hitting, conk, soak up, instigate, consider, describe, observe, come out, camp bed, bump off, anguish, usurp, impinge on, submit, offensive, stumble, whack, accompany, spring, come over, water tap, coup de main, bang out, hire, regard, assume, smash-up, pop, take in, diminish, look at, meet, take up, lob, don, ball girl, let on, trounce, sock, chance upon, be active, ingest, baton, jar against, make a motion, omit, articulation, light upon, scarify, knock, goldmine, bruise, erase, ravisher, suck in, tap, belt, green, baseball, disbenefit, work stoppage, urge, clap, identify, sortie, goad, resume, help, shanghai, contain, bang, choose, force, batter, borrow, accrue, coal, thunder, prod, yarn-dye, fray, push, affect, biff, hang, thrust, unfolding, frame, incommodity, paste, tally, harry, nudge, radiate, camp out, bump, focus, walk out, wiretap, catch, camper, lease, name, hydrant, inspire, fret, assail, beam, slay, warfare, claim, scoop, key out, dramatize, spasm, propel, deadlock, torture, hit back, bowler, fire, reciprocate, trigger, worst, switch, looker, outbreak, cushion, bother, barrage, smack, jostle, exact, foray, mug, come, come at, carry, continue, unwrap, hear, shoot, locomote, hook, all, go down, chafe, shove, blitz, foment, conquer, spank, concussion, lose, invasion, adapt, hurl, blow, annul, overcome, resonate, chime, eliminate, stun, flash, atmospherics, jog, blaze, occupy, scrub, resuscitate, retaliate, lulu, plague, lunge, devolve, riot, shot, set on, subscribe, provoke, pitch, belabor, entice, lawn bowling, reach, collide with, smash into, thrill, obliterate, direct action, travel, punch, light into, contract, edit, dribble, score, cross, defeat, have at, rap, blast, slug, blow up, ring, blame, toll, ball, forgiveness, delete, select, aim, assist, convey, bear upon, flow, beat up, eradicate, campground, get into, coalfield, put on, frenzy, deal, bring out, chastise, crash, impulse, presume, excruciate, base, whop, nip, over, bombing, blot, curse, kindle, lift out, siege, blow over, mint, gallery, impingement, flog, take on, handicap, instill, excise, engrave, attain, pat, need, minus, work out, bam, cooling-off period, glint, seize on, offence, peal, energize, motivation, reveal, ball boy, bowling, blast away, ten-strike, sneak up, knock against, involve, agonize, occur to, run over, itch, chalk something up, ferment, stunner, touch on, striking, campfire, grievance procedure, subscribe to, arrogate, go through, grave, industrial action, rub, consume, burn, fall down, strickle, encourage, fall upon, get wind, counter, bury, success, rack up, sit-in, film, coin, chance on, debit, motivate, filter, get word, drawback, sweetheart, liability, pommel, suck up, fear, discover, sop up.

vantage, superiority, better, assistance, miss, opportunity, control, aid, edge, head start, go down, jump, privilege, shelter, help, lead, advantage, plus, ascendancy, supremacy, prerogative, protection, shield, mastery, margin, guard, fail, fall, start, asset, defense, command, drop, predominance, transcendence, resistance, surrender, opposition, break, upper hand, security, go under, defensive.

Examples of usage:

1) Why did he not strike? - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Hard to strike a course. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Make another sound and I strike you, whether you are prepared or not. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.