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Spell check of strict

Correct spelling: strict

exact, reliable, ascetic, particular, watchful, critical, lean, bleak, sharp, fixed, inflexible, raw, sharp-eyed, exacting, thoughtful, central, morose, unbending, unrelenting, gruff, unyielding, stringent, prudish, right, correct, abstract, brusque, veracious, spare, provident, close, basic, tart, stiff, unerring, heavy-handed, stern, heedful, intolerant, intense, demanding, oppressive, prepared, precise, accurate, conscientious, alert, curt, dry, invariable, responsible, thorough, astringent, attentive, blunt, guarded, conceptual, relentless, strait-laced, dour, hard-line, acute, uncompromising, cool, Draconian, short, cautious, fundamental, fussy, unforgiving, icy, prudent, meticulous, imperial, hard, exigent, mindful, censorious, unmitigated, obdurate, unappeasable, severe, disciplined, scrupulous, puritanical, deterministic, hardline, hard-and-fast, brisk, careful, caustic, chilly, austere, authoritarian, brassbound, regardful, abrupt, true, tough, definite, stark, popular, observant, tight, ramrod, fastidious, rigorous, vigilant, grim, finical, perfect, ready, cutting, frosty, metaphysical, unpermissive, cast-iron, obstinate, nonindulgent, set, full, easy, faithful, stiff-necked, inexorable, flinty, utopian, nonconformist, usual, acerbic, hidebound, crisp, authentic, Spartan, proper, rigid, specific, theoretical, piquant, acrimonious, harsh, keen, orthodox, diligent.

erroneous, lax, genial, softhearted, variable, spoiling, imprecise, negligent, complaisant, slack, slovenly, forbearing, tractable, compromising, relenting, easy, soft, incorrect, yielding, agreeable, unsound, affable, tolerant, accepting, compliant, flexible, sweet, bland, untruthful, pampering, remiss, corrupt, charitable, patient, off, kindly, wrong, mild, tender, responsive, sloppy, unfaithful, inauthentic, willing, indulgent, pliant, neglectful, merciful, undemanding, gentle, pliable, invalid, acquiescent, amenable, relaxed, slipshod, untrue, careless, laid-back, corrupted, loose, kind, easygoing, false, inaccurate, clement, lenient, inexact.

Examples of usage:

1) She is dreadfully strict, naturally, since her bread and butter depends upon it. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) The women were, of course, even more strict. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) Be not too strict- too far east is west. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.