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Spell check of ignite

Correct spelling: ignite

dismount, arouse, light, illuminate, touch, waken, open up, belch, break through, break open, instigate, blow a fuse, shake up, flare, brand, throw a fit, wake, vex, consume, illumine, have, touch off, affect, singe, flare up, spice up, disturb, start up, set against, take fire, foment, heat up, fire up, fly off the handle, fire, illume, hit the roof, break, combust, stir up, heat, push through, liven up, divide, hot up, fall, strike a light, flip one's lid, recrudesce, go ballistic, vary, unhorse, have a fit, alight, awaken, cauterize, rouse, char, come between, flip one's wig, enliven, come out, erupt, enkindle, get off, flame, tear apart, burn, hot, burst, invoke, blow up, catch, burst out, scorch, set on fire, extravasate, catch fire, inflame, irrupt, set off, conflagrate, have kittens, awake, torch, hit the ceiling, agitate, lose one's temper, blow one's stack, provoke, come alive, go up, perch, embroider, cremate, break out, raise up, sparkle, get down, wake up, strain, incinerate, flash, blaze, perk up, incite, start, inspire, kindle, light up, commove.

darken, subdue, put out, quench, dull, snuff out, douse, blacken, stamp, choke, extinguish, blow out, snuff, suffocate, obscure, stifle, dim, cool, smother.

Examples of usage:

1) Pour over it rum, kirsch, or brandy, ignite, and send to the table blazing. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.

2) The next oldest was a man about eighty; all he knew of history was that once on a time some traitor withdrew the flints from the muskets of the English troops, substituting pieces of wood, which, of course, would not ignite the powder, and thus they were beaten. - "Wild Life in a Southern County", Richard Jefferies.

3) He was wildly excited, but he managed to calm himself long enough to light a match, and ignite a piece of bark. - "Jack of the Pony Express", Frank V. Webster.