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Spell check of starkness

Correct spelling: starkness

inhospitability, casualness, repentance, rigorousness, keenness, matter-of-factness, abandonment, chilliness, abruptness, strictness, simplicity, grimness, baldness, coolness, bluntness, acuteness, absoluteness, candidness, desert, dryness, abstinence, acerbity, authoritarianism, correctness, directness, crispness, ordinariness, harshness, bleakness, loneliness, frankness, straightforwardness, nakedness, astringency, briskness, miserliness, parsimony, sternness, desolation, utterness, gruffness, folksiness, barrenness, stringency, brusqueness, clarity, meticulousness, informality, stoicism, clearness, austerity, honesty, asceticism, causticity, celibacy, preciseness, discipline, sharpness, leanness, bareness, unpretentiousness, intelligibility, oppressiveness, outspokenness, frostiness, emptiness, intensity, abstemiousness, teetotalism, severity.

Examples of usage:

1) Then, when he was five- and- twenty, he found himself at the edge of the world gazing in timorous starkness down into the abyss of the Great War. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.

2) And we kept so far outward from the House as we might; but could pass it not more than a great mile off, because that the bushes did have their margin near upon our left, as we went; and there to be barenness of rock beyond; and fire- holes in this part and that amid the starkness of the rocky spaces, that should be like to show us very plain, if that we came outward from the bushes. - "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson.