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Spell check of stark

Correct spelling: stark

crashing, grave, puritanical, blatant, elemental, baronial, thorough, inexorable, terrible, blameless, prime, flinty, virtuous, purebred, repentant, irreducible, sodding, parsimonious, strait-laced, lonely, out-and-out, dangerous, inflexible, intense, waste, comfortable, flat, undiluted, Spartan, acrimonious, lean, sinless, grievous, profound, ascetical, untarnished, total, indivisible, unadorned, glaring, meticulous, stringent, disciplined, severe, exacting, oppressive, monolithic, knockout, unpoetical, thoroughgoing, censorious, critical, outright, flat-out, correct, desert, toom, obdurate, devoid, unmitigated, cutting, deserted, hardscrabble, dim, direct, uninhabited, deadly, colonial, dismal, unfinished, vacant, fair, staring, primary, cool, acute, stone, forbidding, barren, destitute, steely, compulsive, burned-out, everlasting, casual, desperate, blunt, precise, cotton-picking, stiff-necked, primal, miserly, free, nascent, straight-out, clean, lenten, bald, clear, bodacious, black, irresistible, scanty, monastic, guiltless, miserable, rigid, abandoned, Midland, innocent, carbuncle, brownstone, rank, Trappist, consummate, extreme, keen, undefiled, brusque, forgotten, outspoken, demanding, dry, prudish, short, dour, caustic, immoderate, decent, dreadful, downright, atomic, faultless, dreary, life-threatening, plain-spoken, hermit-like, perfect, stern, frosty, fundamental, fierce, curt, straightforward, hot, immaculate, arrant, awful, inescapable, cavernous, uncompromising, unavoidable, infertile, white, unfertile, aboriginal, grim, celibate, forsaken, plain, simple, blooming, ascetic, acerbic, chilly, categorical, inhospitable, Draconian, obstinate, stoic, sharp, gross, tart, honorable, bleak, unqualified, folksy, essential, crisp, unconditional, definite, wicked, austere, bare, appointed, inevitable, unornamented, elementary, simon-pure, abstinent, impoverished, formative, penitential, candid, unforgiving, astringent, rugged, abrupt, basic, forlorn, irrevocable, strict, intolerant, raw, vacuous, flagrant, unalloyed, damned, crude, unappeasable, prosaic, icy, beachfront, complete, imperial, stainless, honest, unadulterated, piquant, ungentle, shocking, hard, very, stripped, all-out, unsheathed, dire, angelic, gruff, frank, plumb, mere, spare, serious, pure, Franciscan, unproductive, rough, poor, void, ordinary, bony, sheer, abstemious, untainted, double-dyed, au naturel, hidebound, basal, unrelenting, spotless, attitude, carpeted, intelligible, marginal, foundational, uncluttered, regular, uncontrollable, lowering, unembellished, blank, harsh, informal, brisk, unstoppable, authoritarian, desolate, teetotaling, unbending, relentless, firm, rigorous, intimidating, unsullied, unpretentious, unblemished, chaste, dead, utter.

fertile, featherbrained, mitigated, sunny, green, packed, playful, hospitable, dubious, pleasant, occupied, questionable, mild, harebrained, arable, lush, provided, tillable, fruitful, sylvan, rich, bright, luxurious, benignant, goofy, qualified, happy, decorated, conditional, luxe, quiet, inviting, glad, easy, Lucullan, luxuriant, supplied, sweet, furnished, uncertain, frivolous, mellow, verdant, full, flighty, adorned, scatterbrained, agreeable, teeming, flush, overflowing, deluxe, elaborate, filled, productive, restricted, light-headed, complete, benign, meek, gentle, mirthful, doubtful, replete, soothing, moderate, cheerful, merry, plush, silly, lighthearted, tender, tranquil, fancy, soft, bland, equivocal, pleasing, giddy.

Examples of usage:

1) She could not conceive in that stark and simple imagination of hers two youths like Fridthiof. - "Command", William McFee.

2) And now, as that vision of her spirit, stark and piercing as Billy Izzard's of her body had been, must abide with me for ever, there was no special need for hurrying matters. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.

3) Everywhere they lay half buried in the turmoil of earth, or stark above ground without any cover to hide them. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.