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Spell check of serve

Correct spelling: serve

support, take to heart, facilitate, go, distribute, armed service, advantage, minister to, respond, supply, avail, subserve, defer, strike at, work, assist, acquit, deal out, reply, beseem, come up with, disburse, tender, exert, consume, attend to, lend, ply with, march, harangue, benefit, dole out, contribute, work on, apply, action, aid, military service, cross, dive, ration, operate, divine service, take in, effect, run, do for, internment, impart, litigate, allow, swear out, donate, consign, bequeath, collaborate, exercise, obey, further, render, coiffe, share, pledge, dish up, allot, comply, suffice, arrange, dishonor, fall back on, submit, please, conduct, execute, handle, fund, uphold, minister, catch, take care, custody, ascribe, go toward, knock, answer, acquiesce, lot, come, deliver, implement, dish, furnish, lavish, put in, expend, sustain, dispense, deal, be, attribute, utilize, lay on, present, manage, equip, advance, officiate, get behind, function, foster, back, pass, act, go to, perform, do good, suit, bestow, quibble, complete, corner, reproach, set, religious service, house, pay heed, do, volunteer, lecture, overcharge, satisfy, behave, inspection and repair, employ, process, labor, delivery, follow, encourage, assign, give, help out, tend, dress, captive, give ear, double as, cater to, bring in, care for, acquittal, see, resource, award, play, charge, befit, remonstrance, become, talking-to, blast, dribble, extend, serve well, motivate, attend, serving, parcel out, attack, treat, practice, carry out, succor, hang, accept, provide, ingestion, cover for, call for, serve up, table service, substitute, get along, fit, relieve, wait on, cater, resolve, advert, send, administer, service, time, smash, cause, offer, service of process, mete out, help oneself, coif, undercharge, use, go down, denunciation, toil, shoot, excess, exploit, kick, pay, nourish, inside, overhaul, guide, accommodate, custodial, practise, sue, shower, draw on, make, dole, staff, grant, betray, preventive detention, coiffure, look, ball, profit, abet, chip, shell out, get through, boot, servicing, ring up, diatribe, help, hook, feed, agree, captivity, backhand, endow, conform, criticism, annul, condemned, fare, dish out, clerk, make out, bar, dovetail, mother, better, nurse, detention, devote, favor, citation.

distress, upset, injure, hurt, damage, hinder, harm, afflict, impede, impair.

Examples of usage:

1) " Yours to serve you, " Harry King." - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) All must serve or we die. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I have read of days when men counted it a favor to serve a lady, be she friend or stranger. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.