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Spell check of abet

Correct spelling: abet

provoke, foster, prop, succor, foment, assist, facilitate, help, brew, endow, fund, backstop, raise, avail, advocate, approve, embolden, get behind, pick, nurse, minister, befriend, help out, ferment, instigate, stir, boost, aid, countenance, sanction, motivate, relieve, get through, guide, uphold, mother, incite, sustain, serve, give, inspire, forward, back, tend, promote, whip, benefit, encourage, attend, support, favor.

desert, fail, hold, injure, allay, harm, curb, impede, foil, inhibit, check, sabotage, disappoint, damage, hinder, soothe, expose, obstruct, thwart, baffle, denounce, repress, stunt, bridle, stifle, block, oppose, calm, inconvenience, constrain, hurt, handicap, disconcert, frustrate, deter, quiet, disapprove, rein, counteract, hamper, restrain, let down, hold back, still, settle, regulate, interfere, discourage, subdue, dissuade, dishearten, bar, confound, tame, straiten, tranquilize, strangle, balk.

Examples of usage:

1) There, no doubt, she would marry some down- at- the- heel artist, who would live on her money and go on painting bad pictures to the end of time; and she would aid and abet him and paint worse ones herself! - "Molly Brown's Orchard Home", Nell Speed.

2) Mrs. Bal had lent Barrie to us, and without a woman to aid and abet him, it seemed to me that he was powerless. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

3) It is not the policy of the Great Company, as you doubtless know, to abet its trade with the Indians by the use of liquor. - "The Maid of the Whispering Hills", Vingie E. Roe.