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Spell check of ingestion

Correct spelling: ingestion

absorption, fare, inspiration, expenditure, food, phthisis, lunch, aspiration, cuisine, snack, eating, suction, barbecue, feed, white plague, gulp, board, uptake, morsel, usance, inhalation, foodstuff, admission, taste, intake, feast, wasting disease, engorgement, osmosis, use of goods and services, repast, meat, consumption, economic consumption, nutriment, breathing in, banquet, spread, breakfast, dinner, drink, using up, mouth, inlet, grub, bread, sustenance, pulmonary tuberculosis, use, picnic, reception, meal, assimilation.

Examples of usage:

1) Even if self- destruction were avoided by the ingestion of the largest quantities of energy- bearing foods, rest for the cells would be difficult, if not impossible. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..