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Spell check of spread

Correct spelling: spread

strewn, balance, circularize, augment, bone, stretched, facing pages, plow into, bedspread, express, cartoon, fix, dissipate, opening, veneer, daub, stretch out, go around, get, broadcast, scale, prepared, swollen, banquet, reach out, pass out, scatter, belong, nutriment, set, dilate, give, incremented, magnify, spill over, allot, waste, convey, plain, flash, depth, splay, develop, extend, separated, distributed, administer, foodstuff, time, article, biosecurity, pay into, coat, backlog, butchery, pervade, dispel, bruit, fattened, comforter, amplify, grub, candida, byline, spread out, riddle, radiate, public exposure, crumple, agriculture, shell out, blaze, defense mechanism, extent, fire, diffuse, order, box lunch, veered, distended, announcement, overflowed, enamel, thicken, amortize, rouse, promulgate, divide, agronomics, revolve, falter, distend, diverge, declare, provoke, broadened, compound, beat, bread, sprinkle, undo, air, blanket, spray, batch, schedule, butcher, force, cross-contamination, meat, double up, reach, carrier, circularise, close, put on, split, antibody, amount, cattle farm, disruption, meal, buffet, give out, sheet, exist, blazon, knowledge, string out, accumulation, engorged, food, agribusiness, short-circuit, enlarge, mobilise, blossom forth, share, sink, col, inflated, deflect, dole out, blossom, awaken, breed, outspread, hedge, peanut butter, blanch, percolate, bedding, spatter, lie, scattering, quilt, sit, dissemination, magnified, lengthen, appear, break, come out, plaster, cuisine, interpenetrate, outstretch, dish out, stretch, span, paste, dot, combustion, move, dispersing, consumption, touch, default, agrarian, inferno, pass, arithmetic, way, developed, burgeon, cheesecake, defense, pass on, contagion, flatten, hand out, dust, unroll, wax, dilated, swelled, wildfire, parcel out, flow, expanded, distribute, travel, propagate, blossom out, cattle ranch, transmit, divergent, put out, widened, unfold, imbue, inspire, canopy, spreading, unfurl, rotate, sever, allowance, crease, morsel, classified ad, stand, put back, spread head, cover, artwork, hap, broaden, try, diffused, arouse, bedlinen, wide, sown, invest, eating, permeate, open up, disseminated, chill, get around, gloss, dinner, interruption, turn out, breakfast bar, increment, rearrange, strewing, emerge, advertise, speculate, put off, roll out, eiderdown, unwind, girth, afford, brunch, gauge, reveal, repast, strew, have, the CAP, deal out, agroindustry, forgive, spacing, bring forward, sprawl, fete, penetrate, carve, beam, cap, switch off, diapason, spontaneous combustion, enlarged, field, affect, communicate, spectrum, butter, spreadhead, part, capacity, wave, disclose, grew, feed, get out, incur, drink, blend, allocation, bed covering, augmented, carry, ignite, length, amplified, stagger, jelly, bedclothes, picnic, deflecting, grown, increased, lead, cross, advice column, gamut, clear, library paste, fan, circulate, discharge, ration out, fiesta, marmalade, breadth, linen, announce, lot, reschedule, extended, opened, airing, disseminate, regale, pool, unlock, board, lunch, block, fan out, publish, paint, disperse, pave, scattered, dispense, branch off, barbecue, expand, proclaim, BBQ, barbie, cast, burgeoned, pass around, level, grow, fester, ingestion, roll over, cross-infection, inflate, redistribute, sheeting, occupy, gild, deflected, underwrite, thickness, fatten, save, shorten, outflank, snack, agricultural, invoke, unscrew, caviar, concentrate, noise, liquidate, firestorm, leak out, width, overspread, taste, coverlet, pry, lay, cause, smear, centerfold, afghan, sow, liquidation, preserve, engorge, widen, separate, plate, infect, bypass, lengthened, mobilize, fare, creep, jam, furrow, open, bed cover, break up, feast, dispersed, kick, banner headline, sustenance, expansion, remove, run, agrochemical, send, deal, counterpane, postpone, gap, increase, ranch, veer, thickened, overlay, put in, gleam, circle, flame, diverged, distance, bedcover, bolster, agronomy, bake, breakfast, swell, ignition, mete out, bend.

fold, unprepared, unextended, gather, concentrated, garner, fold up, collect, turn up, pull together.

Examples of usage:

1) And here again they were together, looking over the spread of Naples. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) News of this spread rapidly over the Nile. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) The small- pox didn't spread, did it? - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.