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Spell check of compass

Correct spelling: compass

calipers, grasp, easternmost, kitchen stove, restriction, area, expanse, circuit, capacity, circus, straightedge, cardinal point, edge, restraint, turn over, micrometer, circumference, cooking stove, apprehend, nail, arrest, chain, hemisphere, territory, focus, sphere, nab, hem, secure, earn, limitation, circularity, cut into, E., mountain range, direction, protractor, range, drudge, circuitousness, cover, borderline, verge, dig up, roundabout, appreciation, stretch, ruler, background, reach, cathode-ray oscilloscope, win, check, rim, constraint, jab, loop, range of mountains, collar, tape measure, orbital cavity, confines, margin, travail, bound, skirting, circle, rule, needle, chain of mountains, cop, line, orbit, polestar, get, brim, moil, mountain chain, hold on, dividers, easterly, compasses, arena, labour, labor, fringe, annulus, electron orbit, scale, level, grip, comprehend, width, eastward, control, log, clutches, domain, bearing, prod, stab, areola, ambit, telescope, dimension, encompass, obtain, yardstick, kitchen range, scope, device, stove, dial, excavate, grind, reaching, toil, sextant, frame, skirt, acquire, hollow, dig out, gauge, lodestar, periphery, gain, oscilloscope, halo, edging, limit, purview, grok, clutch, T square, dig, circumnavigate, realm, triangle, swing, ring, square, eye socket, slide rule, vernier, attain, savvy, procure, achieve, get the picture, quail at, accomplish, perimeter, field, hold, clasp, east, rod, image, cynosure, setting, set square, ability, celestial orbit, embrace, perceive, plumb line, breadth, transit, extension, extent, poke, theodolite, arrive at, master, boundary, end, clench, pick up, cranial orbit, amplitude, sweep, delve.

fail, inside, heart, inner, within, core, forfeit, middle, interior, give up, lose, abandon, center, let go, miss.

Examples of usage:

1) The compass pointed south. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Besides, I have a pocket compass as well, and I know which way the vessel lies, and I am going to get you boys out of here and that's all there is to it! - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.