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Spell check of move

Correct spelling: move

lam, deliver, perpetrate, means, go around, ladder, flow, get off, strickle, dart, drive, dismay, campaign, draw, leave, trigger, give out, conk out, dissuade, labor, fall upon, transfer, last, remind, set about, egg on, alteration, change into, social movement, start on, move around, come upon, incline, print, woo, assume, go along, turn into, exit, gallop, board game, gesture, mint, playact, yarn-dye, course, act as, send away, change, transmit, decamp, get away from, strike, convey, know, excise, break down, mobilize, impinge on, sustain, live on, set off, dislocate, catapult, correction, fail, fire, expedient, charge, magnetize, fit, urge on, retire, chance upon, hawk, work, go to, bring forward, act, hold out, send, journey, affect, range, stimulate, jolt, reschedule, deed, pitch, extend, fly, pass away, track down, move out, jog, go on, throw, time, rifle, get going, sway, apparent motion, survive, get away, dispatch, alter, hang around with, get in with, immigrate, shine, break through, provoke, disturb, perform, propel, upset, trigger off, brain drain, carry, officiate, bunk, shifting, put back, conk, terminate, convince, work up, put off, give the sack, shake-up, hold up, scratch, launch, fly the coop, persist, dismiss, bear on, plod along, head, blend in, ingrain, touch off, carry on, be given, goad, prompt, relocate, digress, bestride, associate with, call, do, draw out, instigate, feed, tend, inflame, buy the farm, involve, prevail, affirm, belong, allow, travel, run for, crusade, get along, break away, question, checkers, stir, cash in one's chips, auction, get ahead, behave, run away, jostle, urge, knock, stock, galvanize, cart, go away, happen upon, melt down, entice, resettle, effort, emigrate, hasten, consort, cause, shove, move on, hightail it, live, bagatelle, drop dead, heave, hunt down, budge, begin, transit, bear upon, operate, give way, comport, maneuver, lean, reform, croak, impel, execute, evolution, shoot, fall, thing, bear, crook, snuff it, ferment, pique, hang over, get, thrust, transport, continue, melt, reason with, head for the hills, force, endeavor, claim, kick the bucket, drag in, run short, escape, dissemble, hit, socialize, come to, incite, run into, cue, give-up the ghost, fix, preempt, worry, give the axe, appeal, venture, press, stab, punch, take to the woods, sling, checkerboard, activate, postpone, checker, operation, spark, cite, hurl, ram, bowel movement, nudge, be active, force out, depress, beat around the bush, choke, endure, see, attain, devastate, reach, break, backgammon, hunt, coin, foment, diversify, front, mix, effect, demonstration, haul, take over, activity, lift, scat, arraign, locomote, run low, circulate, transformation, function, go forward, convert, hurtle, depart, go bad, give notice, balance, stir up, sound, appear, light upon, imprint, decease, double over, remove, come across, crane, die, come, react, progress, march, collide with, bend, become, take up, action, die hard, wound, impact, jaunt, apparent movement, actuate, expire, get on with, sweeten up, resettlement, shanghai, express, go, approach, movement, touch on, relocation, keep, bring, prod, represent, play, advance, spur, prevail on, encourage, guide, shift, inspire, ply, shake, sham, wander, migrate, pretend, outpace, touch, excite, impress, turn tail, walk on, chess, plump, forge ahead, push, drift, spark off, lob, induce, target, counter, go into, rearrange, make a motion, peddle, bring before, Chinese checkers, run, step, take, persuade, get down to, burrow, come away, energize, conduct, fling, motility, bow, perish, regard, trend, abandon, cower, bleed, instill, displace, sack, crouch, domino, speed, proceed, exercise, black market, scarper, unravel, get around to, bump, start, chance on, expunge, win over, motivate, feign, bm, transact, distress, pass, pop off, adjustment, trip, lead, motion, stray, surge, blend, retail, walk out, can, stirring, enterprise, poke, schedule, roleplay, race, sell, discover, dive in.

halt, inertness, stick around, immobility, discontinuance, stay put, motionlessness, repose, shake off, fall under, finish, stand still, pause, shutoff, cessation, shutdown, let go, give up, ending, termination, stay, lapse, drop, stillness, stay in place, throw off, inertia, stop, throw down, forbear, expiration, surcease, rest, refrain, stick, stoppage.

Examples of usage:

1) There was her brother lying in the tomb dead, and there he would lie for ages dead; no more to move about in the home she loved for his sake, no more to exchange with her one word or look. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) And then the train began to move. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I'll get ye; don't move. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.