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Spell check of keep

Correct spelling: keep

keep up, pay out, have, detainment, meet, get, brig, reenforcement, intimidate, financial backing, support, restrain, persevere, keep an eye on, encumber, go by, have got, concur, retain, deem, bear, archive, restraint, find, Bastille, corroborate, uphold, honor, collect, livelihood, press, clench, maintain, upkeep, fee, detect, carry on, documentation, flow, reserve, jail, place, string out, custody, withhold, contribute, prevail, prolong, slide by, campanile, belong, present, run, bind, back up, accommodate, carry, elapse, get on, grapple, hold to, pass on, finally, storage area, belfry, fall out, hoard, happen, collar, life, conceal, invest in, fund, cure, oubliette, adhere, lie, handgrip, give, penal colony, glide by, reform school, advance, finance, sustain, put by, change, hold open, go for, backing, lionise, stockpile, brake, burn in, Alcatraz, set, declare, deliver, perform, abide by, nourish, save up, expense, spare, salvage, move, harbour, hold in, endure, oblige, hang on, call up, admit, foreclose, withstand, commemorate, keep down, sidetrack, possess, asseverate, nourishment, cache, lavish, lay aside, regularize, head, celebrate, salt away, apply, watch, manage, hand over, notice, care for, vise, forge ahead, for good, stay with, discover, carry out, jug, reinforcement, chatelaine, living, sustainment, exert, hold on, harness, proceed, revoke, clutches, carry through, rein, jailhouse, fence, prison, pillory, nutriment, preservation, conform, go, bailey, price, perpetuate, conserve, wield, hold over, burn, come on, turn back, castellated, nurture, offer, outlay, rate, seize, limit, charge, economize, cooler, keep on, level, contain, hang in, hold back, hold down, stand, stockade, defend, battlements, gaol, keep going, anyway, retract, take place, postponement, administer, salve, economise, execute, same, write, defy, fulfill, recall, capture, access, recant, victuals, put, follow, bell tower, distribute, detention, spin out, funding, concentrate, obligate, kindly, note, hand, play along, confirm, sustenance, check, parry, implement, standardize, author, forbear, hold, pass, determine, chateau, help, repel, lay by, sit, cage, mention, stick to, bridle, yield, have in, pen, discharge, San Quentin, stay on, own, direct, stay fresh, stop, obtain, minister to, handle, stall, belong to, wait, mind, grip, continue, refrain, tarry, clutch, embrace, bit, cover, remain, arrest, bring through, prolongation, conserving, substantiate, come through, forever, watch over, pull through, come up, reformatory, pull in, throw, halt, exercise, guard, bread and butter, restrict, worth, nurse, accompaniment, cargo area, suppress, lay up, lapse, stick around, suffer, last, take, cumber, supporting, just, block, backup, cargo hold, remember, command, eke out, put up, ward off, walk on, slip away, lay in, appreciation, straight jacket, maintenance, aliment, set aside, allow, hold off, moderate, preserving, irons, cost, harbor, move on, bear on, book, pass off, penitentiary, sustentation, set by, hold the line, throttle, constrain, redeem, musical accompaniment, affirm, hap, slip by, tend, coop, pay, provide for, put off, detain, march on, exist, bill, lockup, fete, preclude, inhibit, extend, nutrition, time lag, avert, how, alimentation, draw out, regulate, concord, casbah, sorted, agree, manacle, do, press ahead, stronghold, conservation, come about, animation, control, remark, trammel, stay, honour, keep open, prevent, assert, take for, stabilize, entertain, disburse, persist, set back, store, accept, got, forestall, browse, lionize, preserve, observe, strike, respect, store up, make, make unnecessary, save, go forward, lay away, delay, comply, linger, stock, obey, spend, occupy, hold up, progress, attend, repulse, aliveness, donjon, relieve, pinion, confine, dungeon, solemnize, handcuff, hinder, bound, curb, part with, tether, occur, go along, take note, view as, cargo deck, forbid, go on, do with, cell, follow through, withdraw, castle, financial support, take hold, clasp, care and feeding, abide, abstain, grasp, adjudge, pound, stay behind, persist in, drag out, shackle, jog along, keep back.

destruction, violate, overlook, contemn, discontinue, ruin, dishonor, dereliction, go against, demolition, lose, despise, inattention, ruination, ignoring, harm, breach, break, offend, negligence, transgress, damage, permit, neglect, allow, ignore, profane, disregard, let, forget, hurt, injury, infract.

Examples of usage:

1) I have but few, and those I keep. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) But he won't keep me long. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Well, I won't keep you now. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.