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Spell check of keen

Correct spelling: keen

mean, pointed, gruff, stinging, sense, probing, profound, fine, boss, furious, frosty, delicate, meditative, motivated, slick, hooked, beep, vicious, good, chilly, spinous, sagittal, exacting, thorny, disciplined, hellacious, zealous, oppressive, mad, wild, supernal, hidebound, warm, grave, incisive, perceive, grand, east, crazy, deplore, sharp-witted, blue-chip, unbending, knowing, four-star, top-notch, astringent, hyperintelligent, tremendous, ground, noble, serrated, primo, peachy keen, sharp-worded, perceptive, greedy, austere, athirst, spiky, censorious, authoritarian, lament, meticulous, bitter, astute, first-string, cool, eager, intensive, honed, dour, supersmart, intent, intelligent, A-OK, brainy, first-rate, bursting, pumped, geeked, ferocious, gilt-edged, insightful, heavenly, sterling, prickly, impatient, banner, thirsty, Draconian, capital, piercing, needle-like, intense, judicious, stark, stiff-necked, nimble, caustic, fabulous, nifty, blue-ribbon, first-class, jim-dandy, pointy, force, clear-sighted, excruciating, terrific, top-of-the-line, raring, excited, avid, basic, superlative, subtile, gentle, barbed, bang-up, observant, hot, groovy, shrewd, extreme, hype, par excellence, double-edged, prudish, prizewinning, fantabulous, lean, frightful, easterly, obdurate, interested, stringent, stern, knifelike, gone, thoughtful, heavy-duty, wounding, spiked, choice, Spartan, careful, assail, dreadful, crisp, clever, top, boffo, splendid, sensation, stoked, cunning, longing, precise, deductive, two-edged, thistly, alert, nuts, deep, puritanical, frontline, prime, quick, obstinate, number one, assault, edged, relentless, jagged, glorious, critical, awesome, crackerjack, great, dry, thirsting, juiced, bleak, following, enthusiastic, quick-witted, unsurpassed, intolerant, fab, stabbing, grim, acerbic, recherche, intellectual, chime, dainty, creak, sharpened, short, urgent, shrill, dynamite, cutting, fearful, antsy, subtle, not bad, topping, swell, awful, ascetic, crafty, fearsome, bleep, exquisite, bumper, raw, neat, sensitive, gale-force, gangbusters, brusque, lancinating, whetted, brag, perspicacious, fierce, slap-up, biting, fervent, bully, harsh, wizard, icy, brisk, terrible, reasoned, bright, gusty, high-class, needle-point, ghastly, piquant, discerning, strait-laced, penetrating, superb, top-flight, heavy, down, bonny, voracious, razor-edged, corking, spare, solicitous, desperate, violent, explosive, distinguish, anxious, lovely, quality, needlelike, ultrasmart, acute, imperial, fast, wonderful, acrimonious, A1, trenchant, peep, sensational, tip-top, perception, edgy, peachy, dreamy, beautiful, serious, precipitous, sound, almighty, hungry, penetrative, smart, sharp, hard, severe, divine, smarting, marvelous, mewl, famous, radical, rabid, clink, dire, ability, bewail, strict, gung ho, super, discriminating, phat, ripping, rigid, cracking, desirous, rigorous, abrupt, hopped-up, left-handed, uncompromising, prize, tart, razor-sharp, five-star, dull, lancinate, out-of-sight, fantastical, spiny, correct, top-shelf, kinaesthetic, brave, smashing, fundamental, strong, bristly, exceptional, stellar, click, sagacious, concern, brilliant, vehement, fantastic, wholehearted, stropped, numero uno, bemoan, demanding, dandy, born-again, spear-like, blistering, enthused, agog, the Beaufort scale, ardent, curt, blunt, inflexible, superior, classic, righteous, acuate, immense.

bubbleheaded, languorous, nonchalant, substandard, tomfool, diminished, lukewarm, harebrained, dimmed, mediocre, subdued, cockeyed, moderated, wacky, brain-dead, vile, apathetic, disinterested, dense, unperceptive, chuckleheaded, even, moronic, weak, nonintellectual, eased, unconcerned, decreased, unperceiving, lunkheaded, uninformed, low-grade, unwise, mild, fool, insensible, dunderheaded, insouciant, flat, gentle, unintelligent, witless, fatuous, birdbrained, imbecile, nonsensical, senseless, featherheaded, boneheaded, dotty, slow, unintellectual, rotten, daffy, imperceptive, nutty, thickheaded, preposterous, reduced, lightened, simpleminded, level, imprecise, unsatisfactory, unenthusiastic, lackadaisical, numb, atrocious, dim-witted, brainless, asinine, pinheaded, mad, half-witted, detached, crackpot, unwilling, aloof, thick, light, insane, screwball, languid, incurious, ignorant, dull, indifferent, absurd, stolid, lamebrain, unthinking, second-class, moderate, qualified, second-rate, soft, slick, foolish, toned, dorky, awful, blunted, sappy, silly, alleviated, balmy, idiotic, cuckoo, crazy, bad, blunt, deadened, slow-witted, softheaded, averse, insensitive, kooky, uninterested, unsmart, airheaded, lowbrow, smooth, gormless, superficial, feeble, undiscerning, middling, pathetic, loony, execrable, wretched, dulled, zany, uneager, reluctant, impassive, terrible, hesitant, feebleminded, dippy, fading, loath, empty-headed, uneducated, rounded, mindless, soothing, obtuse, illiterate, opaque, blind, weak-minded, inaccurate, dead, lunatic, spiritless, poor, dopey, thick-witted, inferior, shallow, untaught, simple, lessened, disinclined, lousy, doltish, casual, dumb, halfhearted, daft, abated, vacuous, half-baked, dim.

Examples of usage:

1) There was humour as well as keen intelligence in Hew Lingard's ugly face. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) Then the young man turned away from the keen eyes that had held him and sat up in the fodder and clasped his knees with his hands and looked straight out before him, regarding nothing- nothing but his own thoughts. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) She was very self- possessed, so much so that the keen man of the world guessed that her late encounter had been more trying than she was willing for him to know. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.