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Spell check of provide

Correct spelling: provide

deliver, control, abide, share, refuse, volunteer, go away, can, hand over, domiciliate, permit, return, support, pledge, present, arrange, administer, make, run, confine, bring about, lavish, reinforce, keep down, rig, countenance, raise, let, fork over, inaugurate, turn over, store, propose, set up, yield, allow for, render, feed, exit, take into account, appropriate, stock, furnish, fit, post, award, deploy, append, purvey, issue, proffer, declare oneself, outfit, set off, bequeath, house, pay, disburse, suffer, grant, restrict, try, extend, supply, lend, impart, fork out, come through, cure, bestow, provision, serve, replenish, win, add, shower, will, give, fit up, cater, pass on, satisfy, create, submit, minister, catalyze, consign, sell, hand, digest, brook, send, fork up, contribute, get out, procure, succeed, tender, go forth, assist, ration, endow, clothe, reserve, endure, form, dole, pop the question, board, fund, produce, translate, resource, care for, equip, determine, come up with, earmark, depict, offer, regulate, fit out, devote, allot, bring home the bacon, invent, leave alone, stick out, help, start off, contain, show, ply, leave behind, stand, ascribe, bid, picture, offer up, limit, curb, admit, bear, trigger, deliver the goods, forget, put forward, afford, keep, tolerate, generate, cater to, transfer, turn in, tin, accommodate, give up, result, donate, expend, entrust, nominate, stomach, dispense, erect, attribute, reload, leave, go out, interpret, put up, take away, allow, maintain, rear, pull up stakes, set aside, lead, assign, depart.

keep, withhold, save, preserve, hold, maintain, keep up, conserve, retain, reserve.

Examples of usage:

1) Nobody will set aside a portion of his property to provide for future production if he is to reap no advantage from doing so, and if the produce will be distributed in exactly the same way whether he sets it apart or not. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Then he reflected that he was in duty bound to provide for their departure, and for their safe journey to the next town. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) He turned them out of the stable- yard, and charged them to provide for our dinner. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.