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Spell check of picture

Correct spelling: picture

ikon, fancy, theory, exposure, story, escort, graph, fork over, register, prove, depression, photograph, definition, chart, situation, read, big screen, commercial, cypher, aspect, indicate, miniature, faith, mental image, word picture, estimate, get word, photo, principle, back catalog, portraiture, portraying, express, attend, find, enactment, shade, mirror image, house painting, trope, encounter, visualise, sketch, realize, landscape, chiller, figurine, mind's eye, think up, represent, hear, run across, forecast, externalise, double, illustrate, trademark, Bollywood, movie, still, get wind, designate, point, get a line, figure, work out, vulnerability, characterization, telecasting, picture show, witness, supply, circumstance, meet, tale, draft, image, philosophy, fine art, B movie, insure, rough out, illustration, give, look, testify, silver screen, date, etch, construe, status, jut out, epitome, imagine, cinematic, carbon copy, fork out, concerned, posture, analogy, survey, photographic film, duplicate, printing, environment, motion-picture show, metaphor, motion picture, limn, render, throw, check, position, see to it, plot, conception, snapshot, television, art, catch, portrayal, part of, skeleton, scene, idea, doodle, doppelgänger, word-painting, go steady, vision, animation, visualize, daydream, scenery, deal, hand over, limning, paradigm, canon, delineation, spectacle, tracing, setting, protrude, clone, idol, cinematography, rendering, find out, portrait, run into, understand, watch, thought, visit, description, establish, redraw, pictures, come across, draw, record, ideal, filmmaking, moving picture, plastic film, fit, depiction, yield, fetch, control, jut, provide, flicker, event, envisage, ringer, compute, film, filmland, demo, calculate, see, take to, likeness, discover, usher, cinema, belief, effigy, fantasize, cartoon, envision, icon, drawing, trace, duplication, abstraction, mental picture, persona, creation, furnish, enter, plan, mosaic, bust, show, commitment, charcoal, take care, determine, impression, painting, look-alike, feeling, etching, poster, count on, water color, pastiche, study, statue, bear witness, celluloid, take in, imprint, assemblage, anime, print, blue movie, examine, interpret, learn, ball game, screen, translate, characterisation, silhouette, deliver, cipher, chef d'oeuvre, carving, video recording, think, shew, realise, prototype, twin, vignette, footing, paint, profile, view, oil, feature, stick out, range, depicting, return, costume drama, climate, line drawing, demonstrate, map, project, read into, brief, delineate, engraving, portray, mezzotint, flick, personation, copy, counterpart, model, chick flick, masterpiece, opinion, stamp, advertisement, alter ego, still life, notion, tantrum, the big screen, depict, shot, blueprint, go through, spitting image, understanding, buddy movie, propose, same, show up, context, exhibit, conceive, intellection, facsimile, effect, tapestry, moviemaking, cut, ensure, simulacrum, considered, state of affairs, FPS, design, diagram, conniption, send off, fork up, generate, experience, ad, imitation, artwork, match, replica, outline, foresee, biopic, background, try, contrive, submit, evidence, FX, pick up, assure, conditions, knowledge, suppose, pic, filmdom, pageant, representation, composition, go for, present, vista, figure of speech, moving-picture show, turn in, video, externalize, evince, reckon, cogitation, cast, consider, version, prospect, panorama, caricature, contemplate, pictorial matter, ascertain, frame, describe, carbon, pastel, regard, visualization, go out, concept, approximation.

fact, reality, reverse, opposite, antithesis, actuality, converse.

Examples of usage:

1) The picture was not without its instructiveness. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) This picture is very beautiful. - "A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'", Alfred Gatty.

3) I guess she thinks this picture was made to hang things on. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.