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Spell check of film

Correct spelling: film

fritter away, anime, flicker, moviemaking, photographic film, learn, Celluloid, word-painting, picture, movie house, cartridge, negative, claim, contain, integument, pack, necessitate, get, web, layer, consume, bourgeon, inject, pip, flash, pick out, transparency, motion-picture show, cartoon, make, camera, aim, dart, rent, slick, take aim, moving-picture show, train, pullulate, blue movie, aperture, charge, lease, camcorder, ASA, hire, pic, sprout, frivol away, dub, look at, plastic film, Bollywood, demand, burgeon forth, hold, exact, word picture, mental picture, occupy, remove, subscribe to, engage, picture palace, picture show, direct, tissue, buddy movie, scud, coating, motion picture, take up, adopt, characterization, mist, photograph, biopic, haze, photo, pictorial matter, video, coat, gauze, study, shoot down, direction, dash, select, big screen, involve, moving picture, filmmaking, veneer, take on, have, filmland, withdraw, filmdom, strike, paint, ikon, get hold of, screen, chiller, consider, the big screen, icon, take away, shoot, lead, painting, depiction, tear, cinematic, need, dub over, convey, cloud, deal, cinema, scoot, movie, guide, cutting room, flick, sheet, impression, submit, charter, veil, chick flick, dissipate, conduct, blanket, movie theatre, fool, delineation, assume, cover, call for, plate, frame, take in, boom, membrane, postulate, exposure, positive, bring, fabric, scum, read, cobweb, spud, fritter, admit, animation, hit, dub in, digicam, require, contract, choose, pictures, surface, fill, ask, scene, silver screen, darkroom, cut, FX, snap, B movie, developer, subscribe, dub out, use up, fool away, drive, movie theater, FPS, image, take, germinate, foil, accept, ingest, costume drama, blast, buck, cutaway, skin, cinematography, nebula, carry, acquire, characterisation.

Examples of usage:

1) " Develop the film in those automatic cameras," Spaulding said, " and I'll show you what I'm talking about!" - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) As far as Colonel Spaulding was concerned, the film showed clearly what had happened. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) Moreover his eyes were as though they were covered with a film. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.