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Spell check of celluloid

Correct spelling: celluloid

plastic film, dub, urea, camcorder, pic, ASA, cinema, cut, cellophane, artificial, flick, movie theater, neoprene, audiovisual, camera, plastic, cartridge, moving picture, motion-picture show, FX, audiotape, picture, movie, moving-picture show, synthetical, vinyl, developer, acrylic, Bollywood, Bakelite, digicam, semisynthetic, dub in, man-made, dub out, melamine, Dictaphone, motion picture, movie house, CD, synthetic, cinematic, picture show, nylon, DAT, photographic film, picture palace, document, casein, Plexiglas, aperture, boom, film, darkroom, movie theatre, FPS, frame, unreal, the big screen, cinematography, acetate.


Examples of usage:

1) In ten minutes Kent was back, with a celluloid collar and two ties of questionable taste. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Small celluloid parrots perched on the rims of the glasses were appropriate souvenirs. - "Entertaining Made Easy", Emily Rose Burt.

3) " I'm glad the Elephant has come to stay with us," whispered a little Celluloid Doll. - "The Story of a Stuffed Elephant", Laura Lee Hope.