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Spell check of tack

Correct spelling: tack

transpose, affix, basting, fastening, medium, cerement, barb, pall, swap, seal, method, fashion, throw, weld, fuse, knot, switch over, clobber, crop, understudy, put up, foregather, clasp, persist, lock, band, alteration, course, baste, deviation, ahoy, thumbtack, pitch, pick, flip-flop, interchange, nail, hook, skewer, append, prepare, swop, clip, flat solid, hitch, gather, trade, sky, flip, guy, rag, the America's Cup, effect, catch, chain, harness, add, bridle, line, shift, seam, twine, persevere, boating, purl, latch, attach, carbon paper, bail out, bit, spine, tag on, frame, brad, thumb, string, digression, tabloid, meet, rig, middleman, means, fastener, assemble, come about, tie, founder, crochet, fishhook, change over, mainsheet, substitute, closure, lace, clamp, tactics, thread, stitch, mediator, flip over, hang on, switch, toss, hawser, bracket, join, fence, correction fluid, sail, tangent, exchange, connector, bed sheet, supply, girth, head, cleat, pin up, manner, buckle, erect, hat pin, backstitch, change, button, splice, stable gear, piece of paper, arrange, twist, yaw, raise, carbon, way, brace, tether, weather sheet, flip out, spike, awl, the Admiral's Cup, sweep, launch, agent, card, paste, found, canvass, install, nut, put, dock, halter, patch, counterchange, swerve, rear, put together, lay out, chain-stitch, ground, forgather, tacking, zip, ready, canoe, stay, gimlet, capsize, modus operandi, acetate, staple, hasp, business card, recipe, lance, needle, entrap, winding-clothes, gear up, prong, braid, weave, butterfly nut, knitting, system, canvas, belt, nibble, order, riff, fasten, methodology, rivet, glue, clipboard, zipper, siding, alternate, put in, tack together, spur, hold the line, turn, plane, blotting paper, saddlery, bond, blotter, establish, riffle, cross-stitch, shroud, plug, mode, mucilage, procedure, let out, sew, couple, mend, sheet of paper, heel, tactic, embroider, clinch, coupling, how, set, link, bolt, spear, boater, approach, variation, beach, knit, quill, vinculum, cincture, take in, secure, replace, plan, vise, go about, technique, wear round, add on, instal, berth, get together, jump, cement, cinch, lash, cast off, supplement, horsewhip, plait, flick, strap, dowel, hydroplane, style, go-between, harpoon, binder, binding, pin, bonding, strategy, turn over, set up, hang in, cotter, tack on, buttonhole, leaf, anchor, turn up, bind, hinge, pike, attack, zigzag, rabbet, hurdle, batter, take turns, suture, connect, sheet, ligament, blinders, grapnel, snap, ensnare, hold on, twitch, heave to, effectuate, alter, piece, basis, quilt, fix, form, winding-sheet.

break apart, disassemble, dismantle, break up, take apart.

Examples of usage:

1) He could eat raw bacon and hard- tack and go without coffee, when necessary, but to ask women to do so was quite another thing. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Maybe it is- I don't know what you'd call too horrible; I kinda think it wouldn't be what I'd tack those words to. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Here we cooked our breakfast, not having eaten anything but hard tack for over twenty- four hours. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.