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Spell check of embroider

Correct spelling: embroider

grace, set off, baste, fly off the handle, ornament, chain-stitch, adopt, dramatise, quilt, tack, pattern, falsify, mislead, plod, concoct, expand, beautify, puff up, decorate, flip one's wig, puff out, pad, magnify, fancify, inflate, trudge, blow up, go ballistic, hit the roof, stitch, distort, braid, have kittens, combust, alter, broider, backstitch, prettify, purl, detonate, aggrandise, buttonhole, lard, amplify, hit the ceiling, manufacture, blow one's stack, knit, slog, crochet, make up, pin up, turn up, elaborate, deck, exaggerate, bind, let out, sew, weave, have a fit, overvalue, dramatize, puff, embellish, adorn, enrich, explode, fill out, bolster, over-appraise, flip one's lid, seam, gild, lose one's temper, work, throw a fit, footslog, color, misspeak, hyperbolize, cross-stitch, garnish, take in, invent, enlarge, deceive, stretch, blow a fuse, fabricate, mend, aggrandize, overestimate, lie, bedeck.

belittle, understate, minimize, play down.

Examples of usage:

1) She had been raised in a castle and therefore knew not how to spin or to weave or even to embroider, which three occupations were considered suitable for young serving women in that day, so she was forced to beg her bread from door to door; hence her title, Yvonne, the Beggar Princess. - "The Green Forest Fairy Book", Loretta Ellen Brady.

2) Lies, for the most part, he judged them, such lies as men tell of an unknown country and other men repeat and embroider. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.

3) Mrs. Shiffney's musical passion for Sennier often led her to embroider facts. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.