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Spell check of tag

Correct spelling: tag

designate, smidgen, ragtime, stigmatise, gesticulate, tittle, icon, point, moniker, point out, tab, surname, trifle, beckon, notify, antecedent, label, damages, indication, cut across, denote, piece, differentiate, anagram, score, tag end, pit, train, hint, catch-all, ratify, dog, honorific, remains, track, docket, allomorph, voucher, slate, double dutch, cue, patch, guide, cat's cradle, cover, food coupon, emblem, MARKS, courtesy card, sign away, clip, trail, agent provocateur, handle, key, gesticulation, pin down, connect, ground out, leavings, chase, chassis, designation, furrow, tally, figuration, motion, gift certificate, denotation, crest, banner, appellation, bodywork, follow-the-leader, borrowing, give chase, tick off, tatter, pass over, identification, paint, discard, insignia, flag, bob, countersign, collocate, tie, iota, signature, prompt, John Hancock, pock, bonnet, card, wink, motto, pin, call, acrostic, stub, body, identity, clue, drag, epithet, indicate, witness, shrug, fragment, Americanism, nod, article, join, strike off, food stamp, tabloid, strike out, judge, clean up, shack, quest after, cross, armour, nudge, identify, delineate, hide-and-seek, Amber alert, semaphore, balk, smidge, remnant, drop back, armor, snip, slip, get over, beacon, christen, ticket, chase after, button, bar code, noncustodial, grade, cut through, impound, dress-up, dodge ball, just the ticket, pointer, coupon, stamp, bull bar, name, chant, Arabism, distinguish, fine, go after, denounce, rag, smidgin, set, extradition, chip, cross out, disqualify, accusative, wave, boot, double, signal, commemorate, appellative, rag week, checkpoint, betoken, secure, term, profile, shred, anglicism, discount card, specific, set forth, illustrate, foul, junk, check off, endorse, mark off, nickname, symbol, all-points bulletin, title, sign on, allophone, signpost, scintilla, sign on the dotted line, style, logotype, exemplify, baulk, traverse, forfeit, fix, smidgeon, tail, whit, credit slip, badge, adjunct, pronounce, notice, blind man's buff, gesture, quest for, words, symbolize, logo, note, stigmatize, punctuate, cleft sentence, cross off, tick, beat, axle, community service, archaism, attach, dock, define, hit, set out, case, cloth, check, denomination, get across, drop behind, notation, guidepost, scar, chicken, cognomen, sign, bunt, nock, legend, describe, disqualification, alert, trademark, marker, APB, game, catch, pursue, remainder, sheet, clause, clampdown, fasten, bumper, scrap, refuse, mark, token, get behind, bat, chamfer, lighthouse, inscription, hang back, ecolabel, bail, waste, brand, fly.

Examples of usage:

1) " Guten Tag, Herr Signer," said Herr Gottfried with deference, but the gentleman had already disappeared. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) I see I have page after page in my journal of attempts to describe the Taj Mahal and its gardens, and now I find them very difficult to understand; so I think it would not be wise to try to put them down here, at the end of rather a rag- tag journal- to try to describe perhaps the most perfectly beautiful thing in the world. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

3) One after another dashed in from door and window and played tag and jostled the flickering light. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.