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Spell check of scene

Correct spelling: scene

mount, story, flick, candidate, commotion, illustration, theater, improvisation, placement, delineation, gibe, circumstance, disturbance, chance, spectacle, property, display, mime, ambience, pastel, picture, locus, post, excitement, station, slam, pic, picture show, photograph, background, snap, word picture, moving-picture show, stab, situation, injection, thought, burst, persuasion, view, production, bailiwick, posting, video, circle, doodle, decor, photo, setting, bag, ballet, shot, posture, emplacement, realm, characterisation, expectation, icon, charcoal, presentation, outlook, pellet, aspect, barb, formation, pantomime, place setting, mystery, standing, guesswork, modality, diorama, domain, blastoff, portrait, explosion, orbit, set, horizon, shooter, sketch, purview, secret, eyeshot, pageant, quality, arena, prognosis, fit, subject, environment, facial expression, impression, perspective, uproar, drama, territory, art, Broadway, stage, department, suspense, terrain, footing, huff, configuration, location, dead reckoning, mise en scene, blowup, depiction, tragedy, motion-picture show, expression, movie, place, show, mode, scenery, see, cyclorama, style, layout, motion picture, scope, state, paroxysm, survey, prospect, cartoon, shooting, fuss, diagram, site, rendering, status, vista, sentiment, film, field, plan, ball game, shaft, blueprint, opinion, hissy fit, stage setting, mental picture, facet, ikon, drawing, image, water color, province, tracing, fireworks, disposition, pictorial matter, masterpiece, exhibition, snapshot, jibe, choreography, melodrama, landscape, performing arts, variety, position, lookout, burlesque, characterization, area, spot, condition, guess, locale, painting, quietly, panorama, vaudeville, look, conniption, context, exposure, medical prognosis, comedy, guessing, arrangement, word-painting, convulsion, world, moving picture, dig, be, face, deal, tantrum, sight, study, deviously, skit.

Examples of usage:

1) " I'll spare you the scene with Henderson, Repton," said he, after a long pause. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Do you think you can put this scene off? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) He probably had supposed that a more intimate acquaintance had existed between me, and the writer of the letter, and was prepared for a painful scene. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.