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Spell check of operate

Correct spelling: operate

codify, lick, head for the hills, buy the farm, work on, carry, apply, comport, overlook, regulate, do work, turn tail, go on, rent, absorb, hire, operate on, crank, endure, plump, guide, stop, mould, energize, come on, process, pursue, die hard, spin, produce, run away, figure out, draw, officiate, act upon, bring about, depart, effect, occupy, concern, proceed, run low, engross, belong, account, oversee, hold, anaesthetize, coordinate, make for, marshal, broking, superintend, fail, exit, business plan, locomote, expire, engage, tend, melt, spare, transact, bring back, pop off, practice, get on with, put to work, wage, brokerage, explode, affect, contact, serve, bring, convey, accessible, labor, shape, survive, run, get, lam, lock in, bandage, manoeuver, spark, burn, hold out, channelise, lease, run short, give-up the ghost, decease, solve, shut up, plod along, influence, do, perpetrate, live on, beauty parade, bunk, lock, track down, capacity, manage, vacant, get along, contain, reorganize, see, available, coax, die, prioritize, ply, benefit, lead, execute, public, lock away, direct, choke, use, flow, put, travel, book, stall, harness, puzzle out, break down, administer, forge, reach, hit, outpace, exert, wreak, race, conk out, control, revolve, going, impact, steer, work, over, moderate, advance, interlock, enterprise, last, maneuver, excise, start, feed, keep, master, carry on, perform, lean, appear, curb, break away, enmesh, react, crop, go away, manipulate, snuff it, explore, hunt down, bring out, kick the bucket, business, function, bleed, point, make, take effect, head, enforce, escape, put away, roll, restructure, mold, succeed, fit, perish, usable, affiance, govern, utilize, manoeuvre, extend, accomplish, knead, move, actuate, keep in line, treat, consort, sour, unravel, break, break through, ensnarl, persist, drop dead, prevail, scat, become, hunt, course, get across, cope, systematize, campaign, catch, charter, structure, black market, anesthetize, sound, croak, take, fulfill, live, be given, steward, insure, bend, give out, tick, bypass, hold up, pass, activate, supervise, turn, work out, handle, give way, form, see to it, achieve, channelize, mesh, shut away, pass away, thrive, finish, prosecute, pump, blend, click, scarper, lift, forge ahead, range, behave, determine, flash, go, incline, get going, ferment, endeavor, command, attend, blend in, promote, flick, cut, implement, interlace, ascertain, go bad, conk, cut in, employ, administrate, rifle, exploit, ensure, run for, enlist, exercise, amputate, fly the coop, take to the woods, melt down, action, open, progress, assure, hightail it, cash in one's chips, get ahead, betroth, asset, cannibalize, plight, catheterize, check, cauterize, eject, cultivate, preside, interact, lock up, seasonal, conduct, complete, verify, act, play, hold in, ladder.

fizzle, withdraw, neglect, misapply, disengage, malfunction, ignore, backfire, misuse, misfunction.

Examples of usage:

1) " I do want to co- operate," insisted Helen. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

2) Mother, dear, I'm not selfish; I'm just self- respecting, and self- respecting people want to co- operate just as much as other people. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) God never ceases to operate in your heart. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.