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Spell check of snap

Correct spelling: snap

sprout, vinculum, bay, vigor, girth, develop, drawstring, dig, lose it, bang, deplume, glue, nip, improvisational, tornado, tack, offhand, rise to, penetrate, might, spirit, catch, fling, activity, fracture, grab, report, chatter, rapid, strength, wear, quickly, capture, shove, abduct, lurch, bolt, kidnapping, ready, play, pellet, zeal, unconsidered, fix, zip, weld, let fly, rage, urgent, spud, hinge, inject, energy, fail, charge, fuse, royal, splinter, puss, compose, slit, closure, vise, scoot, blackjack, fast, guy, gibe, yank, lace, dash, go, explosion, button, pinch, splice, mat, press stud, force, quip, crepitation, down and dirty, break, clasp, whirl, offhanded, clamp, haul, puissance, offer, clap, displume, grapnel, facile, zephyr, give way, leaf, see red, scissure, stab, dawn, zipper, downhill, breeze, analyse, light, ginger nut, shatter, shoot down, jibe, check, hook, cleat, hurried, elasticity, hit, staple, latch, clamor, break down, ruffle, knock, thumb, clip, abuse, chain, cinch, get across, cranny, film, power, agent, tell off, ad-lib, go bad, frivol away, guesswork, cement, smooth, extemporary, spark, vim, cluck, disintegrate, howl, fool away, rupture, fastening, flash, pontoon, cracking, walkover, retrieve, collar, twitch, nail, bridge, unstudied, tap, crumble, tangle, guessing, fall into place, coupling, ease, come home, tumble, pap, photograph, spunk, cincture, lash out, paste, unplanned, effervescence, pass, fold, thwack, match, gin rummy, zing, reach, scud, blare, embrangle, strap, soft, impromptu, string, band, germinate, focusing, come out, rap, shot, connector, fool, pullulate, hitch, slap, push, unrehearsed, crock up, simple, give out, stop, suture, cleft, flick, go-between, bump, bond, skewer, rivet, fragment, dissipate, words, barb, flip, contract bridge, fervor, drive, direction, bracket, expose, potency, burgeon forth, snarl up, blow up, thread, collapse, pep, cufflink, thump, cheap, hasty, fluid, focussing, die, clamour, clinch, deplumate, shooting, unprepared, extempore, skim, cacophony, move, boom, picnic, pip, fritter, vivacity, injection, hands-down, fire, guess, air, wear out, wisecrack, knitting, ad hoc, hasp, stitch, snap bean, braid, snapshot, smack, click, off-the-cuff, smash, tie, outing, entangle, rabbet, fritter away, crumple, focus, field day, anchor, snatch up, bust, pin, slaver, gimmick, blast, shooter, pluck, eyelet, seal, pop, brad, strike, dissect, beggar-thy-neighbor, mucilage, decompose, buck, wrench, unpremeditated, flicker, cribbage, riff, centering, middleman, chap, twine, tear, ligament, whip, crush, duck soup, get through, slam, gingersnap, kidnap, cotter, faithful, whack, clack, break through, scold, effortless, bourgeon, fall apart, fluent, bonding, snap fastener, gap, nobble, binding, ginger snap, belt, take apart, spike, spur-of-the-moment, child's play, pull, gentle wind, stay, brace, medium, like a shot, mediator, hawser, piece of cake, canasta, link, mind, improvised, binder, wag, crack up, fastener, braces, break up, crevice, zap, raid, analyze, lock, bit, blastoff, sink in, shaft, scene, taking into custody, bark, hold against, frenetic, focal point, sally, tear into, pushover, riffle, cummerbund, take, slide, beg, crash, patience, whisk, shoot, eye, flap, knot, dead reckoning, snarl, dart, stamina, buckle, apprehension, painless, conk out, fissure, poker, crack cocaine, burst, tick, verve, beep, like mad, arrest.

troublesome, stressful, considered, complicated, oppressive, painful, difficult, arduous, grueling, involved, intended, labored, problematic, severe, knotty, laborious, abstruse, premeditated, burdensome, taxing, prepared, recondite, stiff, onerous, murderous, intricate, hard, herculean, strenuous, complex, exacting, demanding, formidable, premeditative, toilsome, rehearsed, toilful, planned, deliberate, tough, rough, intentional, exhausting.

Examples of usage:

1) As the smoke swept back in another direction there was a snap above. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Well, did she snap your head off? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) I could never see how I did it, but my husband says I used to snap your head off every time you spoke. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.