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Spell check of growl

Correct spelling: growl

wail, remonstrate, neigh, gobble, whine, warble, bellow, chatter, burrow, babble, whimper, mutter, growling, beach, nag, fuss, call, bay, cackle, rage, keen, grumble, snarl, chirp, roll, coo, scream, claw, shriek, frisk, buck, yammer, kvetch, complain, moan, cheer, whinny, putter, meow, quack, croak, scold, pitch, ululation, twit, mew, grouch, clunk, bawl, caw, shout, bite, bray, snort, beef, hoot, gnarl, grunt, grump, yawp, drone, caterwaul, yelp, crow, hum, inveigh, let fly, tell off, cast, mumble, groan, rumble, bellyache, kick, gurgle, squeal, squawk, clamor, bleat, moo, find fault, lash out, trill, murmur, cluck, gore, lumber, roar, noise, grizzle, carp, fizz, honk, thunder, purr, tear into, cuckoo, gripe, cry, grouse, sounds, yell, crab, ululate, whinge, boom, howl, repine, abuse, bark, bristle, thud, yowl, exclaim, holler, whoop, maunder.

praise, mumble, laud, whisper, mouth, applaud, endure, take, grunt, commend, tolerate, crow, mutter, squeak, rejoice, cheer, pule, eulogize, countenance, murmur, delight, bear, whimper, accept, mewl, approve.

Examples of usage:

1) Accordingly Lurcher, with a low growl and a swift bound, pinned poor little Pen by the skirt of her short frock. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

2) I remember Father's telling me once that he used to growl about going to bed early when he was a boy and that when the time finally came when he could go to bed as late as he liked he didn't care anything about it and used to go early half the time. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) The other coward had drawn back at Pat's threatening growl. - "Dick Lionheart", Mary Rowles Jarvis.