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Spell check of snappy

Correct spelling: snappy

lightning, lively, bone-chilling, in, gallant, slick, expeditious, style, pizzazzy, choleric, vogue, smart, kinky, touchy, algid, monosyllabic, fervid, peevish, rakish, dynamical, quick, awake, fiery, rapid-fire, tremendous, fresh, brief, posh, nippy, crabbed, showy, vigorous, frizzly, stuffy, shivery, full of life, fast, swanky, spruce, refreshing, frozen, jolly, stylish, zealous, trendy, ritzy, cross, mighty, wintry, flying, petulant, groomed, tonic, watchful, breathless, jovial, snarky, trim, crabby, fantastic, trig, active, racy, tony, waspish, exclusive, cold, wondrous, spirited, moody, short-tempered, alive, puissant, modal, well-groomed, biting, chichi, refreshful, polar, spunky, swish, powerful, wonderful, quiet, jaunty, au courant, whirlwind, chipper, up-to-date, galloping, grand, frosty, disagreeable, feelings, kinetic, clean, allegro, debonaire, supercool, rattling, whipping, perverse, natty, debonair, prickly, crisp, dynamic, fancy, action, terrific, tidy, marvellous, ardent, testy, nipping, swift, alert, driven, decorous, fractious, mettlesome, frizzy, potent, freezing, light-footed, irascible, bouncy, springy, effervescent, driving, hip, animated, cool, sparky, coordinated, spry, icy, barbed, rapid, mirthful, cantankerous, swank, nimble, succinct, speedy, frigid, glacial, concise, vibrant, voguish, hurrying, sprightly, ill-tempered, peppy, ugly, mordacious, conventional, chill, ice-cold, cranky, usual, hasty, sensitive, querulous, raspy, chilly, fretful, forceful, arctic, pettish, gelid, merry, parky, resilient, pert, chic, clean-cut, strong, terse, energetic, sharp, rimy, coldish, jocund, irritable, mean, ratty, pungent, silent, happening, fastidious, clean-shaven, airy, economical, splitting, marvelous, bouncing, crispy, dashing, with-it, grumpy, bad-tempered, animate, presto, dapper, curt, laconic, festal, live, peppery, numbing, zippy, hot-tempered, vital, high-spirited, fashionable, bracing, nappy, fleet-footed, ill-natured, surly, devil-may-care, snappish, spiffy, refined, frisky, grouchy, rimed, howling, nasty, perky, bitter, temperamental, enterprising, dizzy, festive, blistering, modish, quick-tempered, snippy, jazzy, mod, crotchety, hot, coolish, brisk, spanking, snippety, attitude, raffish, breakneck, vivacious, classy, fleet, swell, rushing.

frowsy, dilatory, soiled, unkempt, limp, blazing, burning, dirty, genial, unfashionable, friendly, laggard, tardy, impassive, hot, spiritless, well-disposed, good-tempered, irksome, plodding, trashy, crawling, steamy, lazy, grubby, measured, inanimate, vapid, uncool, broiling, sullied, happy-go-lucky, lethargic, relaxed, fiery, white-hot, unambitious, languishing, messy, tropical, carefree, inelegant, torrid, gregarious, dragging, roasting, tedious, deliberate, unstylish, torpid, obliging, scruffy, slovenly, sociable, fervent, sweltering, inert, spotted, phlegmatic, tacky, tasteless, unclean, long-suffering, uncombed, mussed, toasty, languid, filthy, lukewarm, lifeless, cordial, lingering, grimy, lackadaisical, easygoing, uncomplaining, sluggish, rumpled, shabby, overheated, unhurried, dull, dead, unbecoming, dallying, cheesy, companionable, warm, summery, feverish, boring, agreeable, indolent, dawdling, red-hot, sloppy, sweet, tired, scorching, muggy, mussy, scuzzy, searing, listless, scrubby, sizzling, weary, amiable, affable, inactive, warmed, tolerant, sultry, heated, stolid, late, fervid, languorous, disheveled, foul, scalding, igneous, outmoded, patient, leisurely, slow, inflamed, untidy, apathetic, glowing, stoic, stained, unhandsome, reheated, sleepy, styleless, good-natured, dillydallying, unattractive, molten, sleazy, equatorial, boiling, smirched, warming, wrinkled, canicular, snug, forbearing, graceless, poking, dowdy, ardent, tepid, understanding, poky, out, dingy, outgoing, extroverted, ultrahot, flushed, nasty, leaden, seething.

Examples of usage:

1) She longed to be cold and snappy and disagreeable, as a wife may safely be to a husband when he has blundered, and as she had often been to Jim in his brief day; but Somerled was not her husband, and certainly never would be unless she minded her " p's and q's" like a good and very clever little angel with unmeltable butter in its smiling mouth. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

2) You always look odd, and speak in a short, snappy way when I talk of my mother. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

3) And make it snappy! - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.