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Spell check of gloomy

Correct spelling: gloomy

mysterious, overcome, macabre, sullen, Cimmerian, sombre, teed off, ashen, saturnine, crestfallen, joyless, restless, dull, tristful, gray, melancholic, despondent, sepulchral, darkening, good-for-nothing, no-good, salt-and-pepper, mousy, grizzled, light, saddening, sulky, iron-gray, heavyhearted, irritated, downcast, sunless, no-count, grisly, lead-gray, blueish, dim, dingy, heartsore, cold, contemplative, grim, subdued, fatalistic, regretful, dissident, pitchy, discouraged, malevolent, lightless, shaded, stygian, sooty, uncomfortable, disgruntled, inexorable, morbid, dismal, grimy, pitiful, sorrowful, plutonian, elegiac, brokenhearted, depressing, dreary, unforgiving, low, hope, anguished, dolorous, downhearted, umbrageous, unrelenting, pitch-dark, surly, low-spirited, drab, puritanical, tenebrific, distressing, frustrated, swart, dissociable, comfortless, lugubrious, begrimed, spiritless, long-faced, dusky, intimidating, blasphemous, olive-drab, raunchy, no-account, aristocratical, unlit, inconsolable, dour, beetle-browed, heartsick, irascible, pensive, godforsaken, shadowy, uncooperative, uneasy, sad, neutral-tint, darkish, coloured, stern, puritanic, battleship-gray, dejected, tenebrous, displeased, broody, bored, dysphoric, dissatisfied, relentless, dark, bleak, pessimistic, disapproving, despairing, uncheerful, anxious, down in the mouth, blue-blooded, aristocratic, sorry, dire, negative, unappeasable, unsociable, cast down, cloudy, cheerless, dreich, dispiriting, muddied, gloomful, blue, grubby, dirty, non-satisfied, darkling, silvery, moody, dapple-gray, cantankerous, mournful, ungenial, morose, obstinate, profane, malcontent, exasperated, leaden, dimmed, fed up, sour, depressed, crabby, heartbroken, fretful, disconsolate, deplorable, obscured, bluish, gamey, naughty, patrician, silhouetted, lachrymose, hangdog, cynical, desolate, sick, irreconcilable, glooming, broken, down, forlorn, happy, sober, sluggish, discontent, gamy, chilling, alarming, racy, darkened, glum, opaque, spicy, grungy, dispirited, woeful, disheartened, pitch-black, inky, mordant, moping, huffish, somber, caliginous, darksome, heavy-hearted, non-white, unhappy, shady, clouded, grumpy, black, ghastly, grouchy, hostile, menacing, drear, meritless, sable, gruesome, petulant, muddy, swarthy, murky, unfriendly, scary, benighted, dark-skinned, mean, dusk, lonesome, glowering, juicy, woebegone, smoky, depressive, mole-gray, saddened, rayless, risque, wistful, bad, obscure, wretched, homesick, melancholy, doleful, plaintive, frowning, hopeless, frightening, gun metal, pearl-gray, droopy, disquieted, noncooperative, gentle, eerie, forbidding, miserable, desperate, ungratified, discouraging, sinister, lonely, spooky, taupe, lamentable, discomposed, unconsolable, scowling, ticked off, cross, good-for-naught, contrary, pearly, funereal, solemn, chill, awesome.

comforting, cheery, highlighted, zippy, sunny, buoyed, merry, effulgent, bright, enraptured, elated, easygoing, energetic, incandescent, jubilant, encouraged, friendly, shiny, heartwarming, rhapsodic, cavalier, boon, perky, aglitter, peppy, overjoyed, sanguine, entranced, rosy, glad, floodlit, vivacious, radiant, transparent, hopeful, excited, rapturous, luminous, happy, pleased, shining, happy-go-lucky, gladsome, cordial, beaming, careless, jaunty, glaring, sprightly, unconcerned, lucent, lit, resplendent, lightsome, bouncing, beamy, gleeful, content, gladdened, sunshiny, lucid, jolly, agleam, sunlit, white, optimistic, lustrous, cheering, moony, starlit, upbeat, springy, vital, chipper, blithesome, grinning, euphoric, frisky, ablaze, sparkling, mirthful, exuberant, light, gleaming, dazzling, festive, blithe, encouraging, illumined, joyful, lambent, moonlit, joyous, animated, ecstatic, devil-may-care, crystalline, spirited, smiling, buoyant, jocose, exhilarated, gratified, glowing, exultant, satisfied, carefree, clear, thrilled, brightened, jocular, insouciant, lively, alight, jocund, jovial, glossy, blissful, heartened, sprightful, illuminated, laughing, lighthearted, delighted, cheerful, relucent, brilliant.

Examples of usage:

1) I recall sitting alone one gloomy winter day. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " A perfectly contented man would become gloomy were he to live long in that house," he replied, pointing to The Locks. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) This regret has no other effect than to make me gloomy, which no man should be; I can get it out of my actions when I try, but I cannot get it out of my mind. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.