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Spell check of dismal

Correct spelling: dismal

low, dolorous, discouraged, no-good, unforgiving, pitiful, grim, profane, relentless, blueish, chill, good-for-nothing, tenebrific, gamey, hopeless, lonesome, awful, depressive, despondent, dirty, punk, frowning, drab, unconsolable, cheerless, forbidding, grisly, dingy, saturnine, anguished, happy, macabre, unhappy, sulky, stark, no-account, desert, blasphemous, melancholy, pathetic, tedious, disagreeable, mordant, sorrowful, juicy, opaque, gamy, afflictive, good-for-naught, horrid, uncheerful, distressing, muddy, forlorn, shady, sable, inauspicious, funereal, risque, silhouetted, barren, olive-drab, puritanic, sucky, sober, embarrassing, dreary, bad, uninhabited, inky, wan, dreich, gray, moody, lonely, gentle, patrician, godforsaken, despairing, dire, dour, heartrending, terrible, grungy, shadowy, swart, lamentable, hope, lugubrious, sinister, cold, sombre, morose, tearful, pessimistic, bare, lightless, naughty, forgotten, bluish, forsaken, dark-skinned, elegiac, second-rate, sick, boring, grimy, disgraceful, stern, deplorable, miserable, depressing, upsetting, gruesome, blue, Cimmerian, obscure, non-white, blue-blooded, gloomy, glooming, sunless, saddening, regretful, somber, doleful, benighted, dejected, abandoned, dusky, dim, unappeasable, lousy, dispirited, comfortless, inexorable, inhospitable, mysterious, execrable, grubby, dispiriting, drear, desperate, sorry, sullen, raunchy, morbid, ghastly, sooty, coloured, swarthy, tenebrous, poor, dreadful, lowering, unrelenting, unfortunate, low-spirited, darkened, discouraging, down in the mouth, painful, heartbreaking, down, solemn, overcast, spiritless, tragic, dark, black, cheerful, dull, depressed, gloomful, glowering, racy, shaded, spicy, unwholesome, wretched, monotonous, no-count, woebegone, joyful, inconsolable, bleak, umbrageous, light, plutonian, glum, horrible, sad, puritanical, disconsolate, cloudy, muddied, atrocious, desolate, aristocratical, sepulchral, darkening, deserted, meritless, downcast, aristocratic, teary, mournful, regrettable, begrimed, sour, downhearted, low-grade, rotten, joyless, disheartened, murky.

cheering, radiant, pleasant, jolly, heartening, hopeful, blithesome, exceptional, choice, lighthearted, uplifting, gleaming, premium, exhilarating, delightful, comforting, acceptable, prime, buoyant, friendly, luminous, clear, dazzling, festive, shining, first-class, thrilling, great, brilliant, cheery, stirring, welcome, agreeable, cordial, encouraging, mirthful, optimistic, light, adequate, blithe, glowing, stimulating, bright, lightsome, enjoyable, satisfactory, illumined, sunshiny, pleasing, satisfying, crystalline, sufficient, marvelous, excellent, merry, jocund, first-rate, joyous, heartwarming, wonderful, white, superior, inspiring, transparent, glad, cheerful, happy, lucid, pleasurable, joyful.

Examples of usage:

1) He heard many voices somewhere in the distance, doors were being continually opened and shut, and little winds blew down the dismal passages. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) He had suddenly, as was natural in him, forgotten the dismal approach to the house, the overwhelming appearance of Mrs. Brockett, his recent loneliness. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) Late that afternoon we made our last camp in the dismal valley of Burnt River. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.