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Spell check of acid

Correct spelling: acid

sultry, cannabis, carboniferous, controlled substance, battery-acid, venomous, prussic acid, splenetic, sharp, phosphoric acid, cutting, biting, bearish, acidity, bloody-minded, chloric acid, uric acid, sour, bitter, bilious, element, blistery, irascible, sulfurous, ill-natured, attack, chocolatey, snarky, pane, acrid, venereal disease, lactic acid, prickly, irritable, acidify, chemical, scalding, smart-mouthed, mordant, bittersweet, erosive, smart-alecky, cross, spiteful, bellicose, disagreeable, crusty, slashing, churlish, acrimonious, tart, dot, Class A drug, social disease, peevish, blistering, tangy, hydrochloric acid, acetous, smart-aleck, anabolic steroid, accusatory, ad hominem, acerbic, panelling, cocaine, unpleasant, sourish, satiric, sarcastic, sulphurous, acidulated, window pane, brackish, irate, surly, snappish, deadly, window glass, truculent, virulent, LSD, muriatic acid, hot, acerb, base, petty, oil of vitriol, sexually transmitted disease, dose, ill-humored, citric acid, flavored, caustic, paneling, stinging, crabbed, acidic, mordacious, barbed, agrochemical, dit, charlie, sulphuric acid, astringent, vitriolic, dry, pungent, angel dust, back breaker, superman, alkali, huffy, demigod, red-hot, nitric acid, amino acid, pane of glass, ornery, taste, acidulent, dyspeptic, chocolate, vinegary, tartish, savage, corrosive, chloride, formic acid, dosage, cranky, accusing, vinegarish, fiery, compound, lysergic acid diethylamide, point, acetic acid, homocysteine, cantankerous, loony toons, petulant, catalyst, trenchant, harsh, respect, stifling, sardonic, carbolic acid, acidulous, touchy, coke, scathing.

benign, savorless, placid, insipid, good-tempered, happy, amiable, dulcet, bubbly, lively, vivacious, gentle, polite, effervescent, cordial, cheerful, affable, saccharine, amphoteric, friendly, merry, calm, content, exuberant, sociable, flat, tolerant, good-humored, amphiprotic, bland, suave, waggish, alkalic, cheery, dilute, nice, patient, lighthearted, agreeable, alkaline, glad, sportive, amicable, long-suffering, diplomatic, serene, high-spirited, tasteless, playful, smooth, congenial, sweet, mild, droll, nectared, hospitable, flavorless, kind, gracious, weak, watery, thin, honeyed, urbane, genial, amusing, good-natured, luscious, pleasant, joyful.

Examples of usage:

1) He was anxious not to joggle his companion's reserve, as if he feared that the spilling of a drop or two of what was passing in her mind might leave a few acid scars upon his complacency. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) The consciousness of what had been going on in Kingsnorth's mind, in Judge Barton's, in the Commissioner's, burnt like acid on a wound. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) As a wine it was a failure, but as a fruit acid it enabled us to make soda biscuits with a new and delicate flavor. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.