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Spell check of dreary

Correct spelling: dreary

inexorable, olive-drab, sick, pearly, forsaken, aristocratical, grisly, comfortless, flat, meritless, mundane, coloured, heartbreaking, forgotten, miserable, elegiac, swarthy, deplorable, dolorous, depressing, sulky, monotonous, dusky, raunchy, despairing, old, stale, puritanical, gamy, profane, unconsolable, moody, desert, drudging, sorry, blue-blooded, inconsolable, good-for-naught, non-white, obscure, drear, arid, jading, numbing, sad, somber, unforgiving, ho-hum, smoky, no-good, excite, macabre, tiring, no-count, gloomy, stern, downhearted, heavy, distressing, low-spirited, sepulchral, tenebrous, godforsaken, colorless, dreich, dry, racy, weary, disheartened, prosaic, bare, uninteresting, sullen, dingy, blueish, dim, monochromatic, gray, discouraged, bleak, umbrageous, silvery, dark-skinned, dejected, naughty, aristocratic, uncheerful, dull, grubby, grungy, cloudy, insipid, tame, mournful, down, spicy, solemn, sombre, glowering, wearying, lonesome, light, tiresome, wistful, disconsolate, glum, dispirited, deserted, mousy, wretched, good-for-nothing, slow, dusty, lamentable, happy, pathetic, stodgy, drab, barren, lightless, saddening, murky, juicy, no-account, heartrending, inky, dirty, grizzled, wearisome, lugubrious, heartbroken, puritanic, gamey, muddy, tenebrific, anguished, teary, sooty, dour, risque, begrimed, lachrymose, unrelenting, woeful, bad, unappeasable, boring, pensive, gentle, glooming, anxious, pedestrian, shaded, sober, cold, morose, regretful, pitiful, low, forbidding, irksome, weariful, ponderous, down in the mouth, tearful, dapple-gray, black, overcome, blasphemous, Cimmerian, gruesome, jejune, depressive, commonplace, gloomful, shady, taupe, dark, mind-numbing, depressed, abandoned, tedious, shadowy, blue, dismal, iron-gray, stark, darkened, grim, cheerless, plaintive, forlorn, sunless, saturnine, joyless, benighted, relentless, leaden, ashen, morbid, humdrum, dire, chill, ghastly, patrician, muddied, funereal, despondent, mordant, contemplative, grimy, sour, melancholy, plutonian, inhospitable, bluish, uninhabited, lonely, stuffy, desolate, sinister, downcast, darkening.

delightful, arresting, pleasurable, amusing, blithesome, wondrous, stimulating, bewitching, astonishing, inspiring, entrancing, fascinating, attractive, stirring, enlivening, satisfying, entertaining, joyous, electrifying, lightsome, energizing, absorbing, cordial, hopeful, involving, friendly, enchanting, interesting, fabulous, welcome, engrossing, joyful, beguiling, pleasant, rip-roaring, jolly, cheering, exciting, engaging, glad, animating, poignant, encouraging, comforting, attracting, buoyant, riveting, spellbinding, agreeable, wonderful, intriguing, alluring, mirthful, pleasing, jocund, happy, provocative, enjoyable, heartwarming, invigorating, cheerful, eye-opening, lighthearted, tantalizing, uplifting, lively, charming, rousing, moving, spectacular, breathtaking, touching, blithe, sunshiny, enthralling, mesmerizing, thrilling, sensational, cheery, captivating, gripping, astounding, bright, galvanizing, festive, amazing, optimistic, diverting, exhilarating, marvelous, merry, suspenseful, surprising, heartening, hair-raising, awesome.

Examples of usage:

1) It was a dreary place into which she had come. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) She told me how she had passed the day, how long and dreary it had appeared to her. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) He stared at the room's dreary furniture, he listened to the driving rain and he was conscious that, from the other side of the table, his father's eyes were upon him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.