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Spell check of abandoned

Correct spelling: abandoned

adrift, mournful, halted, lonely, uninhibited, solitary, run-down, bare, exhausted, stayed, unfortunate, disused, excluded, gone, lewd, resigned, forlorn, sheared, barred, delinquent, lorn, evacuated, accustomed, desert, hopeless, unhampered, emitted, surrendered, culminated, restraint, vented, keep, discontinued, blackballed, bleak, void, dismal, unbounded, excised, unchecked, rusty, foregone, desperate, addicted, terminated, inhospitable, miserable, derelict, relinquished, curtailed, remiss, devoted, embarked, cast away, accepted, habituated, intemperate, retracted, friendless, wicked, attached, dissipated, unused, chopped, inclined, neglected, prone, repudiated, released, disposed, unrestrained, barren, discarded, clipped, shed, immoral, dreary, debased, cast off, denied, dropped, betrayed, dilapidated, cropped, parted, doomed, broke, empty, fast, departed, ended, drained, cast aside, bedraggled, interrupted, deserted, rakish, ungoverned, forgotten, inhabited, dissolute, rejected, closed, raw, decrepit, scrapped, bereft, refused, unconstrained, vacant, stark, withdrawn, obsolete, used, unhindered, ramshackle, disapproved, scraped, helpless, wild, creaky, desolate, given, left, jilted, forsaken, junked, suspended, alone, licentious, neglectful, tatterdemalion, incontinent, broken-down, disowned, quit, broken, unbridled, given up, culled, woebegone, tumble-down, discharged, crossed, lopped, stopped, profligate, wanton, lost, cut, disavowed, uncontrolled, wedded, checked, uninhabited, retired, vacated, remitted, flea-bitten, runaway.

governed, redeemed, reconditioned, recovered, constrained, moderate, rescued, reclaimed, retrieved, indisposed, hampered, bridled, rehabbed, unaccustomed, averse, curbed, hindered, rehabilitated, controlled, tempered, restrained, salvaged, disinclined, temperate, inhabited, saved, restored, inhibited, checked.

Examples of usage:

1) Most of these had been abandoned, for the seal has a scent as keen as the bear, but a few " live" holes were located. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) For two days and more, we could scarcely be said to have eaten anything, and, faint with exhaustion, we abandoned ourselves to despair. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) I thought, for the moment, that my companion's brain was turned, and I was almost angry that he should dream of reawakening hopes which I had long since abandoned. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.