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Spell check of abandonment

Correct spelling: abandonment

discontinuance, hiatus, apostasy, stoppage, acceptance, disposal, abandon, backsliding, forsaking, dejection, heartlessness, moroseness, termination, unconstraint, abortion, departure, withdrawal, about-face, closure, ending, disavowal, exclusion, misery, halt, desuetude, renunciation, restraint, denial, defection, tergiversation, turnabout, dereliction, retractation, despondency, dismissal, calling, obsoleteness, naturalness, desperation, ease, inhospitability, demission, disheartenment, loneliness, keep, elimination, interruption, bleakness, rustiness, uninhibitedness, disuse, despair, recision, pause, pessimism, calling off, rejection, standstill, disallowance, giving up, refusal, end, resignation, crossing, lightheartedness, emptiness, desert, relinquishment, wildness, spontaneity, desertion, spiritlessness, cancellation, recall, eradication, spontaneousness, barrenness, exit, quitclaim, curtailment, discouragement, revocation, depression, expulsion, vacation, incontinence, disapproval, dispiritedness, disclamation, cessation, repudiation, dropping, hopelessness, exodus, release, unrestraint, riddance, betrayal, forlornness, surrender, leave-taking, anguish, relegation, waiver, embarkation, retirement, capitulation, glumness, wantonness, gloominess, cheerlessness, abdication, ejection, parting, downheartedness, starkness, discontinuation, rescission, abnegation, renouncement, blacklisting, blackballing, stay, melancholy, repeal.

embarrassment, willpower, self-discipline, constraint, engagement, suppression, heedfulness, discreetness, reclamation, discipline, self-command, discretion, restraint, undertaking, reserve, recoupment, carefulness, commencement, self-denial, self-control, uneasiness, continuation, self-mastery, self-consciousness, beginning, repression, self-restraint, inhibition, retrieval, initiation, repossession, reticence, retention.

Examples of usage:

1) But now with every stumbling step of that bony horse Peter was being shaken into a more active consciousness, consciousness not of the past, very slightly of the present, but rather of an eager, excited anticipation of events shortly to befall him, of the acute sense- the first that had, as yet, come to him- that, very shortly, he was to plunge himself into an absolute abandonment of all the restraints and discipline that had hitherto held him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) She began to cry, finding relief in utter abandonment. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) The consent we give to his operations, and our relish of them, is sweet and sustaining, in proportion to the perfection of our abandonment. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.