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Spell check of dark

Correct spelling: dark

dour, inky, occult, upsetting, aphotic, bluish, lousiness, cantankerous, double-edged, opposite, unhappy, regretful, one-sided, nonliterate, hazy, indiscernible, heavy, unlearned, fuliginous, phantasma, rude, gruesome, uncultivated, pitch-black, close, secret, temperamental, persistent, tenebrous, sooty, repulsiveness, inscrutable, unsavory, alabaster, blackened, fatalistic, immoral, shadower, good-for-naught, dismal, dispirited, darksome, go up, noncooperative, uncommunicative, villainous, vile, grubby, midnight, azure, sinful, downhearted, trace, puritanic, light-tight, dusky, dyed, relentless, terrible, brooding, funereal, caliginous, on, wickedness, sullen, baby-blue, nefarious, darkish, muddy, covert, naughty, ignominious, brunette, sad, ambiguous, tight-mouthed, blueish, olive-drab, obscurity, bootleg, forlorn, lowering, lonely, murkiness, solemn, sombre, tragic, pessimistic, morbid, fateful, grungy, sordid, vague, tenebrific, surly, blackish, blue-blooded, unforgiving, unapparent, dejected, night, comfortless, corrupt, avocado, ill-natured, dirty, indistinct, unconsolable, light, vicious, murk, deplorable, bronzed, tenebrious, unenlightened, macabre, vestige, gentle, crepuscular, turned, pertinacious, cryptic, blasphemous, sinister, disconsolate, glowering, latent, unknown, blackness, Indian, swarthiness, nebulous, disgraceful, benighted, downcast, unrighteous, wrong, phantom, minatory, deep, elegiac, unsociable, complexioned, profane, beige, ghastly, sliminess, arcane, saturnine, no-account, imperceptible, puritanical, darkly, rotten, colors, elliptical, scowling, camouflaged, brunet, flaxen, risque, black, crabby, spicy, depressive, colored, injustice, inglorious, ominous, unethical, moody, bug-eyed, phantasm, duskiness, gamy, absent, sulky, bleak, blond, murky, nighttime, unfriendly, swarthy, shady, rayless, African, down in the mouth, obscured, calamitous, glum, painful, shaded, depressed, long-faced, vileness, somber, blue, bleached, brash, Stygian, lightless, hostile, nighted, bright, dreich, lowery, uncertain, broody, warn, grumpy, vesper, in, uncooperative, impenetrable, unfairness, acheronian, faint, clean, mean, nefariousness, overcast, invisible, evil, dispiriting, heartbreaking, moping, twilight, black-market, false, cloudy, curious, gloomy, sorry, shade, ablaze, dusk, inconsolable, dramatic, minacious, albino, stern, no-good, ebony, shabbiness, godforsaken, good-for-nothing, bold, grim, darkness, sunset, darkling, miserable, meritless, eventide, unlighted, unsung, sober, shadow, mysterious, slanted, drear, cimmerian, sinfulness, twilit, umbrageous, sour, off, pitiful, amoral, drab, chintzy, unappeasable, dire, cross, strange, morose, lonesome, petulant, rancid, beatific, beetle-browed, amber, begrimed, acting, Delphic, coloured, contraband, method acting, ignorant, appealing, amethyst, silhouetted, isolated, unread, fatal, hidden, gross, apparition, brown, dingy, unobservable, concealed, glooming, hope, color-coded, off-key, subdued, pitch-dark, sick, unlawful, fantasm, dogged, illiterate, Acherontic, obstinate, ungenial, evening, inactive, sin, depressing, bloodless, distressing, opaque, sepulchral, foreboding, unilluminated, opprobrious, dimness, frowning, melancholy, swart, anonymous, baleful, uncheerful, dimmed, simple, enigmatic, threatening, unschooled, gamey, disastrous, despairing, negative, uncomprehensible, private, incomprehensible, broken, darkened, inexorable, ugliness, patrician, tincture, deviant, tenacious, fair-haired, equivocal, dissociable, sunless, charcoal, gloom, analphabetic, bistered, rep, color, plutonian, colorful, shameful, aristocratic, unlettered, low, unrelenting, contrary, unlit, no-count, loathsomeness, gloomful, happy, desolate, smutty, cynical, lightproof, misty, fair, dim, grouchy, immorality, hopeless, untutored, grimy, auburn, reticent, complected, mystic, mordant, personal, dull, sable, low-spirited, bad, unpropitious, down, unnoticeable, menacing, shadowy, malevolent, sundown, joyless, perverted, grisly, dreary, biased, tan, clouded, apart, obscureness, irascible, foggy, aristocratical, cold, cheerless, racy, pitchy, wicked, fretful, untaught, wretched, gray, muddied, closemouthed, forbidding, non-white, raunchy, black-a-vised, darkening, unclear, lugubrious, juicy, uneducated, iniquitous, smuggled, iniquity, lamentable, chill, unyielding, obscure, uninstructed, tail, dark-skinned.

squeaky-clean, moonlit, communicative, correct, direct, appreciable, cultivated, tangible, encouraged, inflamed, clear, cheerful, resplendent, honorable, well-lighted, sallow, dazzling, incandescent, palish, educated, cultured, candid, highlighted, luminous, aglitter, moony, peaky, effulgent, fluorescent, lit, pasty, abetted, illumined, transparent, brilliant, light-colored, livid, inoffensive, incorruptible, unerring, decorous, encouraging, knowledgeable, sublime, radiant, righteous, lustrous, blameless, chaste, lighted, pellucid, schooled, well-read, optimistic, unambiguous, decent, candescent, blithe, agleam, authorized, familiar, illuminated, evident, intelligible, lamplit, reputable, just, well-informed, lighting, immaculate, pastel, high, plain, good, wan, clean, lucid, obvious, pure, venerable, smart, glowing, jolly, law-abiding, tactless, nonambiguous, light, luminescent, experienced, heartwarming, proper, lofty, honest, lucent, approved, supported, comprehendible, straightforward, comforting, upright, active, accessible, ablaze, lettered, ashen, lily-white, pale, promoted, legible, self-explanatory, candent, enlightened, light-haired, joyous, comprehensible, legal, blithesome, guiltless, sunlit, principled, fathomable, upstanding, permissible, shiny, hopeful, definite, bright, intelligent, brightened, lighthearted, expert, reddened, unconcealed, acquainted, blatant, sparkling, crystalline, licensed, festive, mirthful, pallid, creditable, merry, scholarly, blond, irreproachable, seemly, beamy, permitted, sanctioned, alight, outspoken, elevated, blonde, commendable, sophisticated, learned, lambent, defined, cordial, scrupulous, jocund, visible, beaming, highbrow, certain, endorsed, bioluminescent, worthy, daytime, open, literate, unobjectionable, gleaming, frank, self-evident, wholesome, lightsome, ashy, unequivocal, knowable, high-minded, strong, sure, sunshiny, palpable, out-front, exemplary, cheering, patent, glaring, starlit, innocent, peaked, joyful, buoyant, trained, phosphorescent, firm, friendly, perfect, esteemed, noble, erudite, intellectual, unmistakable, white, understandable, ethical, shining, good-natured, spotless, lighting-up, determined, powdery, legitimate, virtuous, daylight, allowed, floodlit, glossy, right, floodlighted, cheery, uncorrupted, exact, distinct, blunt, polymath, aware, sunstruck, respected, moral, explicit, relucent.

Examples of usage:

1) Down he went into the dark and deep well, with the dirt and brush on top of him. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) She was glad it was so dark- but for that they must see her. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) It was really this one dark girl who said most of the mean things. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.