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Spell check of cheerless

Correct spelling: cheerless

disapproving, displeased, plutonian, fed up, drab, somber, upsetting, sad, uncheerful, discouraged, apathetic, drowsy, frustrated, lugubrious, chill, gloomy, bored, worn-out, despondent, discontent, depressing, sleepy, droopy, disgruntled, ungratified, weak, black, footsore, saturnine, anguished, dispiriting, uphill, disconsolate, downhearted, grim, Cimmerian, wretched, dire, dispirited, comfortless, ticked off, painful, glum, uncomfortable, heartbreaking, over-weary, disquieted, restless, depressed, morbid, unhappy, dismal, elegiac, dissatisfied, exhausted, cloudy, dejected, dissident, frazzled, darkening, bleak, discomposed, sunless, dark, depressive, teed off, sour, sullen, tenebrific, lonely, sepulchral, faint, dreary, dreich, run-down, lonesome, non-satisfied, irritated, terrible, flaccid, forlorn, gray, disheartened, tired, anxious, happy, limp, hopeless, wasted, cross, toilsome, cold, blue, joyless, wayworn, desolate, sorry, sorrowful, morose, tenebrous, malcontent, despairing, sombre, tragic, irreconcilable, drear, trying, spiritless, light, pessimistic, desperate, murky, listless, miserable, melancholy, uneasy, solemn, godforsaken, weary, dingy, feeble, fatigued, exasperated, debilitated, funereal.

cheery, joyful, blithe, cheering, merry, friendly, hopeful, jocund, sunshiny, comforting, buoyant, cheerful, cordial, jolly, lighthearted, optimistic, lightsome, heartwarming, mirthful, encouraging, blithesome, joyous, bright, festive.

Examples of usage:

1) It was seven o'clock on a cold, cheerless morning, and I had just arrived at Potsdam from Altona, the bearer of a message from the Crown- Prince to his father. - "The Secrets of Potsdam", William Le Queux.

2) The red brick of the opposite house looked cold and cheerless in the wet.... - "Orientations", William Somerset Maugham.

3) The dreadful spring was past; the horrible, dull, anxious summer was gone; the cruel, chilly autumn went by; the cold, dead, heartless winter dragged through; another spring came, cheerless, hopeless, helpless, like the last. - "Fairies and Folk of Ireland", William Henry Frost.