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Spell check of faint

Correct spelling: faint

absent, breathless, flaccid, unaccented, fit, go, aloof, droopy, hazy, padded, irresolute, frazzled, trying, wasted, dead, die, decrepit, big, hushed, bug-eyed, obscure, prostrated, soporific, unclear, lame, timid, insentient, exit, negligible, frail, gauzy, heavy, distant, low, ill-defined, shadowy, foggy, tender, deliquium, dulcet, wayworn, swoon, kick the bucket, blue, high, dim, shady, blurred, silly, light, undetermined, sluttish, airheaded, enervated, fuzzy, flimsy, powerless, low-cal, footsore, sickly, slender, slim, prostrate, apathetic, weakly, stun, blear, mumbling, fatigued, sleepy, inconspicuous, faded, drowsy, invisible, promiscuous, dimmed, blurry, tripping, syncopation, imperfect, syncope, debilitated, awareness, bleary, succumb, black out, featherbrained, senseless, low-pitched, empty-headed, rickety, dearest, beatific, insensible, subdued, curious, misty, slump, sapped, wimpish, decease, sapless, pass out, raucous, enfeebled, callous, inaudible, giddy, flat, unconscious, whispered, unsure, oblivious, knock out, indistinguishable, shadowed, cash in one's chips, audible, infirm, fragile, wearied, wisplike, darkly, weary, worn-out, anesthetized, ill, insensitive, appealing, swooning, slight, calorie-free, balmy, strong, go under, softened, wraithlike, conk, unrealistic, faltering, dimly, whispering, subtle, lightheaded, wanton, abstemious, nebulous, loose, choke, listless, drop dead, faint-hearted, give-up the ghost, diffident, bleak, clear, worn down, fearful, loud, soothing, exhausted, easy, languid, murky, pass, expire, debile, snuff it, thin, calm, vague, conscious, tired, numb, wakeful, idle, wispy, cowardly, imperceptible, fallible, worn, perish, elusive, obtuse, undefined, washy, weak, give out, commemorative, shy, umbrageous, hoarse, indefinite, drop, short, slow, hand out, grave, uphill, unsubstantial, filmy, pop off, fall, purposeless, opaque, stall, half-lit, perceptible, cheerless, black, deep, pale, smooth, nerveless, blacked out, remote, lightsome, clean, cloudy, sotto voce, moderate, ailing, croak, bored, light-headed, unfeeling, dark, sick, effete, etched, half-hearted, doddering, soft, down-and-out, run-down, delicate, unperceptive, comatose, feeble, trance-like, dull, toilsome, outside, dizzy, distribute, muffled, brooding, indistinct, keel over, wimpy, catchy, narcotic, dense, asthenic, zonk out, limp, fainthearted, weakened, depressed, far-off, watery, coward, pass away, mild, lite, dumb, unclouded, undistinct, over-weary, gentle, light-colored, aside, quiet, collapse, buy the farm, scant.

definite, competent, robust, firm, lusty, evident, muscular, certain, obvious, strapping, pellucid, conspicuous, brave, courageous, clear, tough, strong, inured, husky, healthy, capable, mighty, able-bodied, hardened, brilliant, virile, toughened, well, plain, vigorous, daring, hard, distinct, convalescing, sure, energized, rugged, hearty, energetic, stalwart, athletic, sound, sinewy, strengthened, stout, unperceivable, recuperating, hardy, recovering, sturdy, fortified, imperceptible, fresh, powerful, vitalized, bright, brawny, hale, invigorated, resolute, beefy, red-blooded, fit.

Examples of usage:

1) I was faint and old. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) " Not exactly," said Kate, with a faint smile. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) He was afraid to trust her; she looked, to him, as if she were going to faint in his arms. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.