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Spell check of flaccid

Correct spelling: flaccid

inefficient, drowsy, nonadhesive, worn-out, droopy, unattached, easygoing, non-adherent, wobbly, wayworn, over-weary, cervix, non-coherent, disjointed, unfastened, yielding, floppy, uphill, fatigued, listless, footsore, useless, slack, undone, weary, limp, diffused, faint, gentle, wasted, broken, apathetic, cushy, bored, toilsome, discontinuous, exhausted, non-cohesive, diffuse, bits, lank, blue, trying, easy, flabby, balmy, inconsistent, futile, ineffective, frazzled, incoherent, flexible, pathetic, free-floating, free, lenient, sonant, lax, disconnected, subdued, unsecured, weak, faulty, cojones, disarticulated, worthless, loose, cheerless, debilitated, cervical, pointless, indulgent, unsupported, beaver, mild, defective, soft, piano, feeble, delicate, depressed, voiced, tired, run-down, sleepy, detached, purposeless.

firm, rigid, indurated, crisp, inflexible, sturdy, hard, brittle, stiff, strong, substantial, fit, sound, dense, tense, resilient, solid, compact.

Examples of usage:

1) He had been dependent on the gritty and flaccid hospitalities of refreshment- rooms, on the sandwich and the bun. - "The Mark Of Cain", Andrew Lang.

2) The capillitium is sometimes most of it colorless and flaccid; sometimes it is all brown and rigid except the minute free extremities. - "The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio", A. P. Morgan.

3) There stood the carriage, all dusty with the night's driving, looking dilapidated and forlorn; the tired horses drooped their heads in the flaccid and empty canvas nose- bags. - "Paul Patoff", F. Marion Crawford.