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Spell check of bad

Correct spelling: bad

adult, malignant, fashionable, thrive, low, inconsolable, poorly, nonvalid, bounteous, villainous, el cheapo, forlorn, low-spirited, insipid, execrable, disobedient, severely, braggy, trashy, bush-league, blue, sorry, hazardous, defective, repulsive, grim, embarrassing, wrongful, junky, unpropitious, corky, unhealthful, imitative, angry, intense, baleful, cheesy, peaky, cast down, freehanded, froward, uncool, bountiful, incorrect, giving, nefarious, effective, deadly, wondering, wicked, corrupted, spiteful, dreadful, elusive, wrong, debauched, chapped, addled, hurtful, noxious, mournful, inadvisable, openhanded, sick, mean, paltry, wack, lousy, dismal, distasteful, sadistic, dark, poor, shoddy, foul, melancholic, mischievousness, biased, indecent, inept, rancid, baneful, unbecoming, cut-rate, unsuited, adolescent, risky, malicious, liberal, erroneous, perverting, wanting, inoperative, mediocre, problematical, base, peccant, burning, debased, glum, obnoxious, notional, discreditable, dire, null and void, disgraceful, unhealthy, dangerous, tough, detrimental, magnanimous, untrue, unkind, disconsolate, drab, tasteless, aberrant, hangdog, unattractive, sad, high-risk, felonious, handsome, scurrilous, inadequate, scandalous, unjustified, sorrowful, nonfunctional, cheapjack, noisome, corrupt, troublesome, dejected, drear, loathsome, horrid, ruinous, illegal, down, meritless, low-rent, inedible, contentious, grave, self-aggrandising, harmful, joyless, contrary, putrefied, heinous, unwell, helpless, monstrous, unspeakable, good, unethical, heavy, arbitrary, immoral, no-account, unlovely, low-grade, negative, icky, uncongenial, big, gross-out, false, hideous, imperfect, agonizing, cruel, trumpery, heartsick, adverse, depraved, stylish, saddened, sickened, inopportune, mischievously, dying, prejudicial, peaked, unfair, errant, pernicious, ill-suited, sturdy, rugged, putrid, luck, great, heartsore, dreary, rotten, blameworthy, wretched, down in the mouth, unseemly, speculative, sharp, distressing, rubber, unsavory, heartbroken, libellous, crowing, inhuman, unhappy, unsuitable, badness, prepubescent, schlock, malfunctioning, hateful, unfit, distressed, woeful, uncomfortable, uncollectible, downcast, off, offensive, unfavorable, miserable, irremediable, vainglorious, dingy, mischievous, regretful, debilitating, wrongdoing, stinky, degenerate, fraught, run-down, unskilled, help, amiss, good-for-naught, ruffianly, sour, toughened, baffling, woebegone, hopeless, disadvantageously, inferior, bleak, naughty, severe, mentally ill, ailing, small, decomposed, hard, ill, inauspicious, one-sided, harsh, frightful, insecure, fallacious, nugatory, taste, pestiferous, displeasing, perverse, nonstandard, unsatisfactory, prominent, bitter, self-aggrandizing, malign, large, repugnant, pitiless, unpleasant, severeness, terrible, improper, bragging, expectant, right, damnable, difficult, stale, inquisitive, untimely, void, nonbinding, diseased, indisposed, vicious, disagreeable, slanderous, amateur, good-for-nothing, unreasonable, blighted, decayed, fearful, stinking, bland, with child, inconvenient, second-rate, depressed, sleazy, counterfeit, pretty, grown, boastful, questioning, yucky, disruptive, control, misdoing, deficient, atrocious, unlawful, unwholesome, excellent, brokenhearted, spoilt, evildoing, despiteful, incapable, heavyhearted, crippling, bum, reprehensible, dissatisfactory, swelled, forged, misbehaving, deplorable, objectionable, degrading, substandard, pain, gravely, pubescent, unjust, wild, chronic, grownup, preteen, malevolent, awful, virulent, severity, despondent, pitiful, crestfallen, deleterious, gross, lamentable, partial, compromising, damaging, defamatory, corked, inexpert, badly, nocuous, injurious, inappropriate, unstable, uncharitable, flawed, lawbreaking, unacceptable, inaccurate, knotty, unrighteous, downhearted, poisonous, abominable, braggart, iniquitous, better, melancholy, achy, insalubrious, unappealing, invalid, enceinte, swingeing, punk, faulty, repellent, unfortunate, bighearted, catty, calamitous, bargain-basement, ill-behaved, painful, untoward, gravid, unequal, naughtily, no-count, naughtiness, vile, incompetent, crummy, rubbishy, spoiled, destructive, suboptimal, sinister, agonising, common, gloomy, arrant, pestilential, doleful, sinful, mistaken, serious, unsympathetic, coarse, cock-a-hoop, contrite, revolting, problematic, black, shocking, acute, criminal, critical, unsound, lame, subpar, evil, unpalatable, fully grown, gimcrack, awesome, reprobate, seriously, nasty, unpleasing, full-grown, invidious, unwelcome, no-good, bush, droopy.

echt, cavalier, divine, untouched, jolly, safe, chipper, unimpaired, fresh, borderline, happy-go-lucky, clean, complying, average, noble, orderly, recovering, discreet, cherubic, acceptable, honest, ecstatic, complete, OK, glad, high-grade, fair, delicious, guiltless, correct, special, unmalicious, binding, excellent, choice, happy, nice, amenable, faultless, careless, favorable, hurtless, stellar, exultant, undefiled, sunny, received, better, approved, nonlethal, acquiescent, neat, submissive, reputable, improved, supported, carefree, jocose, superlative, unspoiled, adequate, kind, irreproachable, delighted, mild, peachy, sanguine, handsome, well, dutiful, courteous, boon, squeaky-clean, standard, tasteful, mean, altruistic, propitious, pure, esteemed, jocund, affable, nonfatal, valid, useful, salubrious, obliging, cured, allowed, jovial, gladdened, upbeat, grand, incorruptible, optimistic, top-notch, moral, respectable, able-bodied, philanthropic, top, principled, angelic, well behaved, cordial, exhilarated, humane, preserved, legitimate, blooming, satisfying, hale, first-rate, good enough, unobjectionable, gleeful, affectionate, terrific, rejuvenating, amorous, recuperating, not bad, working, hearty, benignant, grateful, hot, authorized, so-so, upright, rosy, nonpolluting, tractable, animated, endorsed, promoted, good-hearted, sufficient, governable, pleasant, merry, redeeming, gratifying, lively, keen, decorous, first-class, permitted, warm, sound, A1, classic, law-abiding, gladsome, respected, cracking, sympathetic, vital, nifty, bang-up, elegant, content, delectable, boss, magnanimous, thoughtful, rugged, sterling, nonvenomous, joyful, fit, functioning, devil-may-care, blithe, curative, innocuous, buoyed, frisky, behaving, corking, salutary, zippy, thriving, exemplary, undecomposed, bouncing, nondestructive, joyous, harmless, perky, kindhearted, impeccable, mature, slap-up, pleased, agreeable, exuberant, convalescing, capital, secure, pleasurable, jim-dandy, mirthful, solid, good-natured, beneficent, fabulous, unerring, charming, handcrafted, righteous, palatable, polite, uncorrupted, cheery, benign, remedial, swell, all right, peppy, encouraged, delightful, noncorrosive, beneficial, buoyant, ethical, bully, gracious, genial, jocular, lily-white, white, pleasing, undamaged, flourishing, strong, banner, overjoyed, comfy, docile, lighthearted, complaisant, tough, legal, sensational, permissible, virtuous, rehabilitated, sanctioned, friendly, nonpoisonous, amiable, abetted, humanitarian, helpful, mediocre, lusty, grown-up, refined, pristine, tip-top, hardy, kindly, decent, fancy, premium, marvelous, unsurpassed, well-conditioned, compliant, groovy, nontoxic, lightsome, considerate, scrupulous, blameless, enraptured, elevated, venerable, sprightful, uncontaminated, high-minded, chaste, heavenly, entire, thrilled, energetic, exceptional, smashing, warmhearted, spotless, insouciant, classical, comfortable, superior, easygoing, rhapsodic, inoffensive, sprightly, superb, anodyne, flawless, tenderhearted, congenial, smiling, supernal, commendable, satisfied, cheerful, conditioned, par excellence, sublime, blissful, satisfactory, dreamy, perfect, whole, obedient, proper, stalwart, gratified, behaved, spirited, adult, modest, rapturous, mannerly, genuine, healthful, unblemished, prime, profitable, compassionate, splendid, middling, goodness, sweet, goodish, tender, unexceptional, jubilant, dandy, palliative, wholesome, right, worthy, blithesome, innocent, beaming, lofty, immaculate, laughing, vivacious, upstanding, slick, elated, advantageous, euphoric, wonderful, grinning, benevolent, just, entranced, hopeful, suitable, fine, unpolluted, untainted, honorable, healthy, welcome, jaunty, heartened, minimal, high, felicitous, great, mending, crackerjack, polished, intact, excited, life-giving, invigorating, good, noninfectious, unconcerned, passable, loving, creditable, tolerable, springy, licensed, seemly, serviceable, flush, robust.

Examples of usage:

1) So matters went from bad to worse. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

2) With Jane often here it has been bad enough! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) That's bad, Jupp, very bad! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.