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Spell check of mark

Correct spelling: mark

flavor, patsy, lollipop, sap, wise, label, excrescence, marque, strike out, dog, dough, coiffure, exemplify, discolouration, motley fool, pose, sea gull, identify, mean, impress, indentation, tomfool, grading, ground level, bruise, stain, freckle, imprint, remark, musical score, bell ringer, victim, plant, blot, proclaim, usual, designate, jest, tarnish, crown of thorns, lolly, assure, match, grass, home run, hold in, discoloration, flag, cicatrice, pick out, target, steel, way, mansion, dirt, burnout, go over, start, bury, deface, fail, stand for, sway, physiognomy, specific, degree, cachet, polarity, impact, wave, Saint Mark, weal, forte, kink, stigmatise, account, gibe, promote, separate, distinction, eminency, gear up, dress, score, monkey, fleck, impute, check over, foretoken, acknowledgement, see to it, gull, affection, touchstone, A, accent, watch, range, DM, specialize, moderate, food coupon, differentia, blackhead, nock, defect, signalise, individualize, specialise, reduce, scratch, sign of the zodiac, repute, filth, recognise, dot, scoring, price, ascribe, all-day sucker, arrow, object, par, signboard, injure, sugar, difference, trait, cast, discipline, visage, ecolabel, cross, signal, proof, gift certificate, ducat, dinero, connect, shekels, C, manifestation, quarry, chump, specialty, depress, grad, damage, seagull, assist, signaling, hybridisation, excrescency, thing, seduce, coif, class, food stamp, figure, term, hold back, rift, mockery, chip, draw, pit, application, indicator, scrawl, contain, property, bread, phiz, speciate, mark out, individuality, standing, defacement, take down, stigma, homer, gradation, point out, learn, commemorate, go after, typeset, blemish, taint, sword, check up on, give away, rat, arrange, idiosyncrasy, hybridizing, hold, play off, derision, devaluate, discriminate, gold standard, mention, characteristic, smiler, remember, delay, eminence, espial, go under, tendency, eyesore, meaning, rate, dupe, retire, intention, ideal, soil, deadlock, prominency, brand, earmark, record, cross out, view, do, tag, smear, represent, localise, mannerism, set, stigmatize, cognizance, beckon, check off, crossbreeding, apply, hash mark, scotch, house, increase, rack up, highlight, tell on, fingerprint, differentiate, agree, evaluate, look into, sign, tell apart, prominence, jester, symptom, guide, spot, bull's eye, disfigurement, note, particularity, measure, streak, citation, regard, fructify, blister, notify, illustration, notice, discover, retick, circle, underline, mark down, schlemiel, betoken, status, goal, demerit, ascertain, cue, asterisk, boil, typify, important, fix, comment, prey, index, discriminant, hurt, joke, grime, scratching, tick, benchmark, accentuate, observe, dent, key out, starting line, gospel according to mark, memorialize, inscribe, cacography, drachma, qualify, click, mug, inclination, incision, lettuce, report, deutsche mark, firebrand, condition, mar, ticktack, abscess, snitch, indication, denote, kale, underscore, embody, position, bloodstain, cross off, drawback, adjust, bar, countenance, scale, curb, colophon, emboss, juncture, stamp, immortalize, symbolize, blight, witness, signify, blaze, ticktock, photographic print, pointer, epitomize, barometer, hallmark, lamb, odor, deformity, accredit, keynote, discolor, bourne, find, notch, flaw, jibe, ascription, nod, consider, mark off, renown, attribute, grunge, gash, denounce, detect, clams, test, tell, smirch, notability, crossbreed, discount card, dollar sign, coiffe, name, imputation, abrade, welcome, plan, pockmark, trade name, aggregate, see, ready, luster, burn, chase, specify, marking, set up, abrasion, secernate, bar code, loot, rank, objective, be, Deutschmark, chase after, shrug, carve, alert, correspond, definiteness, characterize, hieroglyphics, fault, cheapen, crown, rejoice, specialization, tick off, refer, aim, yardstick, planned, ensure, concede, insure, fool, indent, seek, breakage, harm, saint, docket, emphasise, judge, point, cabbage, bedsore, chronicle, glory, lesion, revel, fall guy, control, check into, chequer, limit, take note, guilder, lay out, make, correct, suggestion, demonstration, betray, check, bull, episode, quality, crossing, all, station, pigeon, ticket, register, installment, celebration, crisscross, observance, make out, tail, prestige, preeminence, break, chalk something up, nudge, strike off, graduate, come down to, immortalise, checker, dream, grievance, footing, flunk, franc, indicate, prompt, check out, saphead, pushover, D, stop, lower, blade, trace, downgrade, MARKS, form, blame, wink, sitting duck, suss out, rig, blotch, gesticulate, apostle, fit, farthing, grudge, enter into, impression, pock, augury, post, caret, scraping, heed, attach, hybrid, B, train, level, describe, quirk, chicken feed, scar, cushion, disciple, sic, brand name, arrest, celebrate, severalize, outline, smoking gun, instalment, disfigure, trademark, accreditation, stress, wassail, pronounce, signification, influence, list, mugful, muggins, rep, turn back, moolah, repercussion, diagnostic, cite, gesture, star sign, knowledge, simoleons, step, grade, tally, aspiration, marker, track, black eye, nick, smudge, tier, engrave, standard, low point, assignment, lucre, planetary house, impurity, full marks, localize, emphasize, hybridization, prepare, why, show, secern, attachment, distinguish, shlemiel, checkmark, sexual conquest, assign, key, inaugurate, memorialise, scab, ambition, endeavor, groat, stage, money, state, savor, determine, stag, observation, skid marks, severalise, tidemark, oppose, fair game, purpose, fracture, character, metric, gelt, signalize, lay, credit slip, devalue, Fr., boodle, credit, trail, feature, peculiarity, fame, ringer, print, target area, imperfection, athlete's foot, idea, gudgeon, write down, wampum, distortion, determination, grease, criterion, plot, footprint, GPA, put, badge, acknowledge, interbreeding, scrape, slit, scribble, St Mark, pass, soft touch, head, wart, hit, splotch, pelf, depreciate, parade, courtesy card, mock, place, gauge, evidence, singe, speck, go down, respect, motion, scuff, design, F, spoilage, deform, order, star, shop, give chase, congeal, sport, kisser, pretension, find out, coupon, attention, punctuate, end, recognize, countersink, toller, illustriousness, attribution, intent, distort, lowlights, hack, excoriation, define, token, touch, sore, jell, course, discern, stone, beat, spoil, cicatrix, preindication, attack, E.

disrepute, libeler, gossip, scorner, traducer, shame, heckler, neglect, decoration, purposelessness, satirist, favorite, taunter, derider, parodist, disgrace, scoffer, ignominy, weakness, aimlessness, thoughtlessness, adornment, tattletale, aberration, defamer, enhancement, talebearer, baiter, torturer, obloquy, pet, deviation, caricaturist, odium, negligence, insulter, way, mocker, tattler, powerlessness, ridiculer, teaser, helplessness, troublemaker, ignore, ornament, needler, method, tease, gossiper, opprobrium, impotency, abnormality, avoidance, oversight, reproach, tormentor, carelessness, lampooner, discredit, means, infamy, dishonor, embellishment, heedlessness, darling, libelist, impotence.

Examples of usage:

1) And, do you know, it's curious that I think I am nearly certain that one of our highwaymen of last week had a similar mark. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) You mark my word, if they win you'll find out that they'll do just as I say. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) The book will make its mark. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.