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Spell check of inactive

Correct spelling: inactive

languorous, jobless, sleeping, autoimmune, slack, latent, stagnant, unworking, vegetative, dead, retired, quiescent, electrostatic, corrosive, in abeyance, torpid, slothful, hypoactive, lethargic, congenital, advanced, pointless, unruffled, comatose, unemployed, at loose ends, sedentary, underactive, aerobic, submissive, gracious, sluggish, motionless, listless, placid, convenient, catalytic, fast, silent, inefficient, alkaline, immobile, inert, lazy, defective, worthless, abeyant, hibernating, purposeless, action, acute, unoccupied, chemical, clinical, calm, futile, New Age, static, fixed, strikebound, stable, useless, smooth, reposing, chronic, apathetic, unresisting, off-duty, quiet, anaerobic, yielding, enclosed, paralytic, resistless, languid, suspended, unchanging, soundless, on leave, noneffervescent, unhurried, inanimate, stationary, tranquil, asymptomatic, benign, lifeless, relaxing, chemical equation, ineffective, easy, trifling, alkaloid, arrested, unmoving, passive, insensible, communicable, nonmoving, concentrated, slow, reserve, becalmed, back-to-nature, free, snail-paced, leisurely, shiftless, half-assed, unused, living, in remission, acquiescent, restful, deliberate, delayed, idle, dark, dull, vacant, dormant, used, active, relaxed, catatonic, complaisant, austere, lackadaisical, off, sleepy, catching, pathetic, at leisure, nonoperational, resting, fallow, bohemian, standing, peaceful, inoperative, still, closed, unreactive, faulty, monastic, show, indolent, at rest, supine.

dynamic, bouncing, kinetic, working, functional, living, hot, feasible, hyperactive, athletic, sprightly, open, diligent, springy, agile, sedulous, bustling, active, counteractive, nimble, assiduous, reactive, energetic, animated, spry, practical, operational, operating, extinct, gymnastic, on the go, moving, alive, running, overactive, vivacious, operable, activated, peppy, on, surface-active, astir, lively, viable, progressive, sporty, acrobatic, spirited, vigorous, busy, vital, zippy, employed, quick, hardworking, about, brisk, useful, usable, functioning, engaged, workable, perky, operative, occupied, industrious, going.

Examples of usage:

1) To discourage the alert from seizing good opportunities on the wing, by confiscating the results and distributing them among the languid and inactive, is the same thing as to discourage them by like means from exerting all their industry in any other way. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) But they were all threatened by an advance down the northern slopes of Vimy, and the Canadians were not likely to stay inactive after their great triumph. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.

3) It will be very hard eventually to part from the boy, but sooner or later we must send him to the Theresianeum, and- to speak frankly- even a separation from Freddy would not distress me so much as to see you degenerate in an inactive life. - "Erlach Court", Ossip Schubin.