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Spell check of idle

Correct spelling: idle

apathetic, wild, do-nothing, laze, inert, fresh, abstemious, empty, barbaric, lightsome, sluggish, beat, escaped, fallow, cut into, promiscuous, crazy, all in, unjustified, tempestuous, wanton, raving mad, backfire, standing, passive, suppress, subdued, worthless, pointless, furious, sluttish, calorie-free, lightheaded, kill off, dead, fixed, grind, placid, inanimate, casual, otiose, indolent, yielding, off, savage, barbarian, abandoned, barren, shut off, unused, rusty, sleepy, flood, languid, jobless, disuse, light-headed, raging, listless, static, snail-paced, baseless, faineant, becalmed, lite, trifling, off-duty, stationary, complaisant, faulty, slothful, stagnate, slog, inefficient, complacent, shiftless, indefensible, work-shy, cycle, gaga, trivial, slipshod, slack, remiss, leisured, tripping, underemployed, swooning, sedentary, untapped, acquiescent, economy, unwarranted, light-colored, angry, risky, down, complacency, unfounded, slug, unaffixed, unemployed, clear, dusty, unmoving, deserted, unprofitable, economical, wakeful, stop, burn up, godforsaken, easy, motionless, pathetic, dotty, unsupported, quiet, insupportable, immobilize, low-cal, bottomless, useless, at liberty, drained, ineffective, disused, sluggard, purposeless, lazy, loose, on the loose, bushed, fantastic, perfunctory, unworking, uncivilised, sparing, hazardous, true, rest, vacant, squeeze out, weak, immobile, bone-idle, out of work, faint, lackadaisical, full, clean, inactive, resting, cut out, swig, unjustifiable, dormant, stamp out, void, rambling, open, paralytic, industrious, frivolous, used, vegetative, undue, informal, futile, engagement, tick over, unaccented, lifeless, hold back, numb, bone-lazy, workless, reposing, groundless, careless, latent, liberal, free, tranquil, utter, leisure, submissive, devoted, stagnant, comatose, interfere with, go, busy, still, unengaged, active, catatonic, hibernate, untamed, violent, action, unoccupied, irresponsible, short, languorous, uncivilized, defective, sleeping, light, deadened, unclouded, lethargic, hollow, goldbricking, untouched, shallow, insensible, inoperative, scant, at large, lax, waste, supine, unwarrantable, uncultivated, fire, vain, calm, half-assed, available.

enterprising, brisk, busy, pert, frisky, laboring, energetic, lively, up to, drudging, living, snappy, active, exuberant, alive, spirited, serious, supported, peppy, useful, running, on, assiduous, run, vigorous, labouring, sedulous, practical, animated, responsible, working, work, operative, zealous, sprightly, at work, viable, operable, workable, engaged, jaunty, overbusy, industrious, diligent, occupied, usable, employed, going, operating, bouncing, perky, toiling, functioning, ambitious, functional, vivacious, jazzy, dynamic, zippy, operational, profitable, feasible, springy, tied up.

Examples of usage:

1) But Leo fought well, and the boy was not idle. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) It isn't as though I were in doubtful company- I- there are worse places here in the village where I might- where idle men waste their time. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Leave him in peace, I tell you, and do not lose any time in idle talk. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.