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Spell check of futile

Correct spelling: futile

nugatory, trifling, frivolous, ditzy, dizzy, foiled, swollen-headed, baseless, light-minded, useless, fruitful, work-shy, wasted, petty, unable, sleeveless, deceitful, light-headed, hopeless, scatterbrained, unworkable, unserviceable, superfluous, pointless, slothful, ineffective, flighty, ineffectual, yeasty, unreal, defective, hollow, featherbrained, otiose, egotistical, delusive, failed, nonfunctional, visionary, exhausted, effective, unsatisfactory, abortive, fruitless, vapid, worthless, swollen, harebrained, vain, thwarted, senseless, unsatisfying, faineant, unsuitable, idle, conceited, impracticable, birdbrained, purposeless, used, unsubstantial, egotistic, small, trivial, unusable, silly, detrimental, unsuccessful, in vain, profitless, shadowy, faulty, good-for-nothing, inefficient, empty, impractical, puerile, bootless, self-conceited, unimportant, uneffective, valueless, unneeded, unprofitable, frustrated, barren, lazy, inefficacious, inconstant, goofy, inadequate, null, thrive, pathetic, indolent, frothy, unproductive, unavailing.

feasible, somber, meaningful, efficient, worthy, sound, adequate, profitable, advantageous, practicable, expedient, fruitful, substantial, potent, grave, effectual, dignified, serviceable, utile, successful, staid, efficacious, real, solid, sufficient, functional, powerful, severe, applicable, effective, usable, practical, melancholy, valuable, productive, solemn, heavy, deadly, no-nonsense, sober, virtuous, realizable, sedate, worthwhile, competent, valid, useful, thoughtful, serious, workable, earnest, beneficial.

Examples of usage:

1) Our lance, our looped line, our bow and arrow, I knew, however, would be futile. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I have made efforts to find him, but they have all been futile. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Let me tell you a little about our system, Dirrul, so you'll understand how futile it is to waste your time and mine like this. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..