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Spell check of advanced

Correct spelling: advanced

facilitated, groundbreaking, multiplied, quickened, granted, developed, added, attempted, dealt, assisted, elderly, difficult, innovative, radical, heightened, bid, superior, ripe, lengthened, elevated, high-tech, good, modern, hurried, progressive, modernistic, simplified, boosted, quoted, enhanced, offered, imparted, improved, forward, hi-tech, favored, raised, expedited, enterprising, widened, ahead, advance, precocious, contributed, garnished, exceptional, in advance, lent, mortgaged, rendered, sophisticated, amplified, venerable, avant-garde, approached, inflated, new, augmented, tendered, evolved, elaborated, come, embellished, precede, excellent, promoted, state-of-the-art, civilized, extended, first, served, bestowed, unconventional, submitted, endowed, aided, old, expanded, senior, reinforced, grown, forward-looking, refined, incremental, issued, invited, fattened, right, gradual, enriched, bettered, high, aged, mod, increased, cutting-edge, accrued, mature, magnified, eased, late, accelerated, given, enlarged, liberal, closed, corrected, broadened, sublet, front, renovated, higher, cited, better, later, innovational, leased, let, civilised, helped, seasoned, presented, encouraged.

germinal, nonprogressive, fusty, regressive, customary, lower, noncivilized, old, antique, noncivilised, obsolete, antiquated, green, primeval, antediluvian, rudimentary, backward, traditional, embryonic, undeveloped, old-fashioned, savage, underweight, conventional, early, immature, unripened, low-tech, back, hoary, oldfangled, orthodox, uncivilized, undersized, rude, old-time, dated, passé, out-of-date, underdeveloped, unripe, uneducated, primitive, past, established, low, musty, Neanderthal, middle, outworn, primordial.

Examples of usage:

1) We advanced very slowly and cautiously, and that only when all heads were down. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) We advanced and waited for him to rise. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) On the day following, everything was advanced to this point. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.