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Spell check of active

Correct spelling: active

lusty, supple, snappy, arc light, alternating current, sharp, dashing, quiet, functioning, arc, operative, sedulous, effective, operational, imperfect, erupting, zestful, laborious, volcanic, ablaze, hum, eager, energetic, chemical, load down, lively, working, potent, activated, frisky, vigorous, effectual, effervescent, spunky, resolute, efficacious, strenuous, passing, causative, unwearied, wide awake, hectic, vent, moving, Grand Central Station, active agent, anaerobic, airy, prevailing, mettlesome, ready, in progress, lethargic, going, spirited, modern-day, productive, alert, burning, busy season, fervent, fiery, tied-up, antivirus, rapid, physical, bouncing, activist, eruptive, springy, ardent, operating, imperative, knee-deep, buzz, mighty, madhouse, best-of-breed, virile, running, hyperactive, erupt, present, proactive, driving, sluggish, high-spirited, keen, animated, prolific, employed, involved, eventful, acrobatic, crater, charge, agile, powerful, jazzy, forceful, action, pushing, frenzied, hot, bustling, prompt, bold, flowing, nimble, vivacious, concerned, functional, alkaline, volcano, fervid, chipper, serviceable, backward-compatible, open, tireless, rushed, serious, zippy, industrious, racy, compatibility, busy, actively, existing, existent, dynamical, driven, frenzy, purposeful, concentrated, fresh, awareness, actual, vibrant, aggressive, gymnastic, immediate, brisk, vital, acting, on the go, volatile, daring, asynchronous, expeditious, extinct, determined, progressive, current, dynamic, quick, bursty, hopping, impassioned, submerged, unfaltering, finite, zealous, frenetic, catalytic, spanking, intense, restless, transiting, engaged, lazy, in full swing, sprightly, perky, practicing, occupied, on, dancing, rushing, living, pert, earnest, fighting, passionate, live, mobile, assiduous, emphatic, brownout, exuberant, diligent, intransitive, dexterous, about, excited, ongoing, on the move, proceeding, pizzazzy, inactive, chemical equation, clickable, enthusiastic, strong, overactive, dormant, AC, jaunty, hearty, peppy, surface-active, activistic, forcible, aerobic, spry, alive, alkaloid, coursing, continuous, combat-ready, afire, kinetic, athletic, case-sensitive, enterprising, active voice, animate, peak, future, officious, lava, up and around, impersonal, compatible, full-blooded, corrosive, on-duty, complicit, ergative, astir, participating, puissant, stirring, agitated, sparky.

dull, languid, retired, strikebound, kaput, extinct, sluggish, impassive, ineffectual, languishing, asleep, weary, phlegmatic, hands-off, uninvolved, underactive, latent, slow, tired, indolent, apathetic, resistless, limp, inert, deactivated, unworkable, supine, dead, vapid, off, listless, lifeless, unresisting, counteractive, deskbound, inactive, stolid, flat, sleepy, inoperative, spiritless, stative, lethargic, free, leaden, sedentary, nonfunctioning, irksome, heavy, passive, hypoactive, fallow, unoccupied, vegetating, unused, stagnating, abeyant, lazy, nonexistent, desk-bound, nonfunctional, unemployed, unambitious, quiet, dark, nonoperative, idle, soggy, ineffective, lackadaisical, dead-end, torpid, nonproductive, decommissioned, unusable, unproductive, arrested, inanimate, nonoperating, quiescent, dormant, languorous, nonoperational, useless, tedious, boring, passive voice, inoperable, broken.

Examples of usage:

1) Does Marston take an active interest in affairs at the bank? - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) But the party is still active over the country. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Now he had stayed away just long enough for all the old Peter to have become alive and active again. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.