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Spell check of hard

Correct spelling: hard

sore, lumbering, miserable, cast-iron, unfortunate, intoxicating, severe, gravid, explosive, hard-fought, inhumane, pertinacious, compact, fractious, apathetic, detached, concentrated, dispassionate, impenetrable, passive, heavy-duty, hard-handed, dense, ponderous, courageous, conniving, nasty, dilute, secure, two-fisted, finicky, historical, uncompromising, mulish, unstated, intoxicative, rough, true, large, rock-hard, tight, slash-and-burn, passionless, brisk, rolling, substantial, excess, insensitive, uncharitable, practical, cruel, erect, harsh, physical, drizzly, documentary, staunch, serious, elusive, bulldogged, strenuously, unfavorable, unromantic, stiff, hefty, warm, brutal, inviolable, vengeful, unassailable, tricky, dogged, hard-nosed, audacious, flat, voteless, dauntless, austere, breathed, irrefutable, unenviable, delicate, murderous, intransigent, stark, unpadded, stubborn, bad, affectless, burdensome, laboured, indisputable, hot, wearying, evil, terrible, hard-and-fast, voiceless, decisive, demanding, dreadful, painstaking, searing, unwaveringly, wearing, disastrous, gravely, merciless, valid, raw, resist, unkind, vexed, incompressible, undisputable, steadfast, Augean, adamantine, hard-boiled, heartless, icy, velar, levelheaded, wearisome, woeful, dour, pigheaded, moist, saturated, grinding, detrimental, untoward, bold, indifferent, lowering, cantankerous, stiff-necked, indurate, immovable, corneous, unquestionable, thick, packed, labourious, just, rainy, unfriendly, devoted, sullen, unverbalized, unfeeling, certain, hard-bitten, grueling, unconcerned, weighty, nonfictional, unattackable, powerful, saline, perilous, semihard, slaty, numb, exhausting, tumid, carefully, strenuous, intemperate, glare ice, securely, weighed down, full bore, indefatigable, disenfranchised, heavily, difficult, hardened, hardy, unpleasant, uphill, marmorean, contrary, definitely, resolute, authentic, obstinate, persevering, black ice, objectionable, flinty, disagreeable, unspoken, bullheaded, rigorous, concrete, scheming, laborious, grievous, embarrassing, awful, threatening, spunky, spartan, steely, expectant, inflexible, unrelenting, flat out, unlucky, active, bothersome, abuse, stressful, rugged, take-no-prisoners, almighty, chlorinated, exigent, stale, opposing, strong, virulent, arduous, lignified, labored, stern, pragmatical, challenging, sticky, formidable, to a great extent, excite, ossified, operose, acrid, crisp, cold-hearted, frightful, great, overweight, inured, life-threatening, bitter, backbreaking, knockout, emotionless, rigid, awkward, unsettled, informed, cold-blooded, inexpugnable, hard-hearted, final, fermented, love, heavy-handed, unuttered, last-ditch, headstrong, pick-and-shovel, matter-of-fact, commonsensical, frozen, unemotional, aerated, stimulating, inconvincible, tough-minded, opinionated, ruthless, grim, willful, justified, literal, shrewd, unbending, solid, inauspicious, implacable, pragmatic, sound, commonsense, strict, cloggy, resentful, positive, intemperately, problematical, commonsensible, tall, faithful, enduring, diligent, complex, incontestable, ironhearted, marmoreal, hearty, vicious, objective, obdurate, stonelike, boiling, easy, deep, rancorous, testing, hornlike, reasonable, brave, reasoned, firm, stout, granitic, unvoiced, insensate, woody, incontrovertible, realistic, prosaic, oppressive, stonyhearted, calculating, catastrophic, fresh, blunt, disfranchised, showery, potent, tireless, dangerous, sonorous, soulless, wet, ferocious, pachydermatous, with child, furious, settled, vigorously, brackish, severely, toughened, determinate, petrous, petrified, monstrous, anesthetized, slatey, uncompassionate, attitude, self-opinionated, thick-skinned, fearless, plucky, violent, inarguable, real, distressful, nonchalant, daring, spirituous, continue, unverbalised, set, sure, frosty, persistent, inhuman, fleshy, herculean, blistering, gruelling, down-to-earth, fervent, well-founded, case-hardened, compassionless, fierce, ingestion, al dente, seriously, ruffianly, laboriously, cold, tenacious, impregnable, soured, ice over, intensive, steadfastly, desensitized, moiling, grave, indomitable, undeniable, knotty, all-out, stable, keen, troublesome, comfort, rocklike, exacting, trying, taxing, wicked, vigorous, surd, perverse, insistent, calculative, hardhearted, clayey, adverse, adamant, tough, hardheaded, frost, flintlike, sturdy, hellacious, rational, fussy, straining, unsympathetic, badly, firmly, soft, big, effortful, self-willed, indubitable, icicle, bleak, pat, ticklish, exquisite, unattractive, logical, baffling, fearful, sternly, factual, vehement, ambitious, antipathetic, embittered, unmerciful, profound, acute, ghastly, aphonic, unappealing, onerous, determined, aloof, acrimonious, unflagging, problematic, fearsome, authoritarian, enceinte, flowing, undaunted, complicated, thorny, cool, unsparing, pitiless, biting, concerted, sharp, unyielding, unexpressed, remorseless, toilsome, definite, stony, strong-willed, callous, ramrod, unpropitious, alcoholic, punishing, tragic, wakeless, unsaid, catchy, granitelike, sensible, heavy, unmanageable, calamitous, sober, plosive, leaden, rocky, hateful, hardhanded, cumbersome, heroic, excruciating, sweaty.

compassionate, made-up, calm, enervated, placable, humane, theoretical, eased, flabby, padded, sympathetic, velvety, complying, flickery, delicate, mild, nonfactual, cushioned, endurable, infirm, unfounded, abated, relaxed, changeful, diffuse, misled, simple, mythical, uncertain, unreasonable, temperamental, mercurial, resistless, floppy, strict, nonrational, relaxing, acquiescent, tenderhearted, emasculated, hospitable, cozy, willing, subservient, easy, diffused, good-tempered, make-believe, lank, legendary, moderate, sweet, restful, lightened, uninformed, vulnerable, mindless, nonsensical, temporary, manageable, elastic, benevolent, fleecy, palatalised, merciful, weakened, reduced, semisoft, undocumented, trivial, squashy, implausible, inconstant, fantastic, genial, shallow, compliant, nonalcoholic, limp, sensitive, fragile, downlike, insupportable, lightly, peaceful, obedient, moderated, irrational, mellow, doable, salving, kind, light, complaisant, reasonable, accessible, fricative, laid-back, emollient, achievable, changeable, cheeselike, superficial, exhausted, kindhearted, smooth, trifling, apocryphal, squishy, crippled, continuant, adjustable, unsubstantiated, flossy, worn out, negotiable, sibilant, pliable, user-friendly, flexible, weak, subdued, fictionalized, bendable, imagined, downy, perishable, fresh, flocculent, feeble, wooly, unpredictable, palatalized, malleable, indefinite, persuadable, agreeable, unresistant, napped, unsteady, velvet, fluid, pretend, unjustified, governable, pleasant, palatal, good, elementary, tolerant, effortless, unwarranted, strident, warmhearted, frail, brushed, invented, fabulous, airy, comfortable, receptive, incapacitated, droopy, worn, misguided, unspecified, caring, woolly, unsupportable, variable, spongy, thin, unconvincing, snug, spirant, flimsy, reposeful, tolerable, softhearted, fluctuating, unsupported, nonvalid, clear, exaggerated, comforting, false, cordial, forgiving, unstable, fluffy, compressible, balmy, unsound, sapped, qualified, good-natured, squeezable, capricious, mortal, slavish, undemanding, flaccid, warm, unbitter, embroidered, groundless, lessened, luxurious, yielding, softish, open-ended, invalid, benignant, unsettled, cottony, understanding, charitable, painless, supple, porous, softening, scattered, lenient, susceptible, illogical, hypothetical, transient, mushy, tender, speculative, temperate, submissive, puny, slight, tractable, toned, spongelike, fanciful, compromising, patient, permeable, fictional, responsive, clement, forbearing, gracious, amenable, soothing, fallacious, gentle, imaginary, relenting, friendly, demulcent, bearable, alleviated, wasted, loving, fond, mutable, cushiony, pliant, docile, unreasoned, overstuffed, soft, loose, cheap, volatile, fictitious, run-down, accepting, affectionate, diminished, nonindulgent, kindly, facile, chimerical, lax, debilitated, indulgent, enfeebled, decreased, unauthentic, uncomplicated, slack, easygoing, diseased.

Examples of usage:

1) " It's rather hard on the women of the neighbourhood, when one comes to think of it," said Tom Pache, smiling in the darkness. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I'll try very hard to make good recitations. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Marjorie stared hard at her friend. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.