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Spell check of confused

Correct spelling: confused

disquieted, conglomerate, upset, zonked, mislaid, blurry, trancelike, shapeless, wild, inextricable, embroiled, worried, troubled, deniable, unsure, addled, uneven, pell-mell, perplexing, at sea, contestable, unkempt, staccato, involved, ambivalent, roiled, controversial, multiform, rugged, sloppy, mussed, disunited, wiped out, missed, scattered, unlogical, confusional, tumultuous, contorted, disconnected, out of control, wooly, swirled, vague, punchy, higgledy-piggledy, anarchistic, tempestuous, disordered, roughened, unconnected, discomposed, broken in, messed, snarled, tousled, spacey, whisked, manifold, hugger-mugger, humbled, disheveled, muddled, heterogeneous, questionable, dislocated, lax, lawless, addlebrained, undecided, flustered, mad, muzzy, convulsed, changeable, spaced, overturned, frantic, disjointed, misplaced, bipolar, helter-skelter, insecure, perturbed, distracted, foggy, ordered, split, arguable, mistook, formless, distressed, wooly-minded, intricate, inexact, disorderly, busted, obscured, potty, jumbled, befuddled, impoverished, lost, stunned, disorganized, pixilated, mistaken, low, dopey, inchoate, unconvinced, clouded, illogical, anomic, untidy, anarchical, woolly-headed, baffled, topsy-turvy, out of order, tampered, tangled, obscure, fermented, capsized, disarrayed, fuzzy, slovenly, alienated, garbled, misconstrued, mysterious, deformed, insane, addlepated, upside-down, order, complex, addle, upturned, unruly, preoccupied, mixed-up, puddingheaded, disturbed, raddled, messy, cluttered, mazed, distorted, confusing, spaced-out, disorganised, muddleheaded, undisciplined, twisted, misrepresented, bushed, uncertain, blurred, misread, precarious, tossed, labyrinthine, incoherent, tumbled, miscellaneous, fogged, incomprehensible, knotted, scrambled, rambunctious, difficult, hysterical, clear, mingled, helpless, bemused, separated, misunderstood, abstruse, depressed, amorphous, mixed up muddled, bewildered, disintegrated, unclear, punch-drunk, rippled, distinguished, humiliated, slaphappy, deep in thought, composite, debatable, befogged, snafu, irregular, elaborate, perplexed, fragmented, diminished responsibility, misinterpreted, certifiable, crushed, hashed, moot, misquoted, inconsistent, broken, woolly, disarranged, disoriented, littered, displaced, doubtful, unkept, zonked-out, botched, rumpled, disputable, bedeviled, loose, entangled, deranged, unordered, dazzled, shell-shocked, silly, churned, abrupt, unoriented, meddled, frenzied, confounded, whipped, compound, tentative, chaotic, rummaged, muddle-headed, indistinct, ruffled, turbid, demented, mussy, agitated, dazed, stupefied, mixed, indefinite, complicated.

fastidious, coherent, obvious, well-ordered, immaculate, orderly, meticulous, hygienic, neat, clearheaded, uncompounded, shipshape, direct, unconfused, clean, unclouded, conscious, careful, crisp, orientated, clear, tidy, fussy, cleanly, undefiled, systematized, sparkling, snug, homogeneous, manicured, regular, organized, cleaned, trim, spotless, untainted, simple, bandbox, stainless, plain, uniform, clear-thinking, ordered, unraveled, taintless, uncombined, antiseptic, uncluttered, unsoiled, consistent, unsullied, wholesome, finicky, tidied, methodical, alert, combed, unpolluted, unperplexed, kempt, groomed, well-groomed, systematic, spick-and-span, oriented, neatened, logical.

Examples of usage:

1) It wouldn't be true unless- he paused and broke off confused. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) But everything was so- so confused, with your being late, and sick- is your head better, dear? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Her thoughts were confused, and she was uneasy. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.