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Spell check of fuzzy

Correct spelling: fuzzy

disordered, messy, muzzy, woolly, unruly, loose, elaborate, hazy, semi-opaque, fuzzed, discomposed, bristly, undefined, murky, anarchistic, inchoate, addled, downy, undetermined, dim, shaggy, deranged, indefinite, affectionate, close-cropped, bleary-eyed, wooly, misty, jumbled, fogged, chaotic, complicated, detached, blurry, inconspicuous, sporadic, amorphous, stuporous, difficult, complex, bad hair day, cloudy, muddled, confusing, frenzied, undistinct, semitransparent, inexplicit, inconsistent, foggy, contorted, semi-opalescent, involved, broken, disorganized, milky, imperceptible, logy, indistinct, pilose, loving, filmy, unconsolidated, fleecy, nonadhesive, noncontiguous, blear, formless, limpid, furry, groggy, discontinuous, blurred, feeble, vague, rambunctious, bouffant, hirsute, out of control, pale, diaphanous, tempestuous, anarchical, divergent, faint, opaque, non-cohesive, disheveled, disarticulated, indistinguishable, undisciplined, befuddled, intricate, wild, rough, bald, smooth, uneven, disarrayed, coiffed, invisible, demonstrative, ardent, nonuniform, brumous, irregular, cluttered, blear-eyed, woolly-headed, dazed, nebulous, unclear, reverent, bleary, embroiled, bedhead, subtle, shapeless, perturbed, inexact, incomprehensible, clouded, disjointed, adoring, veiled, ill-defined, disorderly, disintegrated, deformed, body, clear, fond, gauzy, incoherent, shadowy, obscure, admiring, balding, frantic, disconnected, bushy, confused, insane, lax, tumultuous, lawless, hairy, respectful, wooly-minded, deferential, dispersed.

well-defined, unambiguous, coherent, clear, open, openhearted, defined, bright, evident, frank, firm, honest, plain, straightforward, hairless, intelligible, blatant, outspoken, candid, understandable, pellucid, plainspoken, strong, obvious, logical, foursquare, explicit, fathomable, sure, certain, definite, consistent, distinct, patent, unguarded, specific, unequivocal, ordered, comprehensible, unmistakable, straight, forthright, direct.

Examples of usage:

1) The professor may actually have been convinced of the truth of his own fuzzy propaganda. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..

2) The kitties were soft an' fuzzy, an' the bread and milk was good. - "Dot and Tot of Merryland", L. Frank Baum.

3) A fuzzy fat girl came from behind nowhere with one menu. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.