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Spell check of Schemed

Correct spelling: Schemed

rationalized, maneuvered, maintained, normalized, adjusted, coordinated, planned, established, chose, undertook, shaped, cast, graded, approximated, charted, arranged, computed, assessed, meant, resolved, pigeonholed, sifted, studied, ordered, considered, mediated, gauged, typed, supported, methodized, appraised, acted, evaluated, structured, determined, enumerated, added, schematized, unsnarled, balanced, aimed, pursued, undertaken, chosen, supposed, estimated, concluded, arrayed, prepared, divided, premeditated, thought, ventured, totaled, tried, rated, weighed, orchestrated, sorted, stabilized, wished, deduced, ranked, multiplied, formed, minded, surmised, righted, scheduled, placed, classed, figured, conceived, categorized, designed, quantized, triangulated, invented, harmonized, grouped, settled, judged, calculated, classified, scored, presumed, set, controlled, proceeded, contrived, proposed, done, endeavored, regulated, expected, organized, intended, inferred, fixed, measured, framed, subordinated, collated, counted, programmed, composed, plotted, unified, reckoned, screened, performed, marshalled, initiated, accounted, valued, summed, integrated, stratified, devised, did, separated, systematized, anticipated, tallied, guessed, quantified, blueprinted, campaigned.

Examples of usage:

1) Elizabeth's lover schemed for and got a goodnight word with her at the top of the stairs, by the table where the beautiful brass candlesticks lay waiting in shining rows. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.

2) This arrangement, cunningly schemed by Garth, had in view the possibility of a pursuit, with the probability, in such case, that the pursuers would naturally keep along the high road. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

3) She had schemed, planned, ensured her kisses- what a triumph!... - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.